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Terminology explained


(e.g) 8 x 50
The first figure is the magnification, in this case "8 times", so objects will appear approximately eight times larger than they would with the naked eye.

The second figure is the diameter of the objective (largest) lens in millimetres, in this case 50mm. Larger sizes provide a brighter image and a wider field of view, but increase the weight.

For general use 10x is the greatest magnification that can be hand-held without excessive shaking of the image, and is ideal for use in open country or hides. When looking at things that are fairly close, such as dragonflies or woodland birds, 8x will normally be better.

Field of view
In simple terms the distance between the left and right extremes of vision at a range of 1,000 metres (1 kilometre). Larger figures mean a brighter image and make it easier to "find your target".

Close focus
The closest range at which the optics will still focus.

Keep your eyes a comfortable distance from the eyepiece. For spectacle wearers the eyecups are twisted or folded down so that your eye is the correct distance from the eyepiece, restoring image brightness and field of view.

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