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Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in wildlife photography or film making, want to learn how to create your own stunning photographs and drawings of the natural world around you or if you just want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking work of internationally acclaimed artists and photographers, our extensive selection of wildlife art and photography titles will leave you spoilt for choice. Our range caters for all ages and interests, from the sea to the sky and everything in between, so you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

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COVER BIRDS   layout image

by Robert Gillmor

Describes the author's long and close involvement with the Reading Ornithological Club (ROC), now the Berkshire OC. His art has adorned covers of annual reports for many years and this title is illustrated with many of the actual covers. Colour illustrations, 60pp. 2013

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M24140 Paperback  £12.99
SPORT OPTICS   layout image

by Alan R Hale

Covers the basics of what is a binocular, scope, riflescope, the different types, how to choose and where to buy. Goes on to optic details such as chromatic aberration, resolution, brightness, contrast and depth of field. Colour and black and white ilustrations, 282pp. 2013

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M24138 Paperback  £21.00

by Jackie Garner

This book covers recommended equipment, techniques, fieldcraft, composition and anatomy, and offers help for those wishing to exhibit their work. Suggests how to begin to draw wildlife and then to add colour, Advises on how to draw a constantly moving subject and how to capture the moment, Gives clear instruction on anatomy and composition, Suggests how to paint outdoors and how to use photography and museum collections, Gives inspiration and insights into printmaking and sculpture, and practical advice on exhibiting and selling wildlife art, Showcases inspiring images, in a range of styles, from over twenty leading artists. Colour illustrations, 176pp. 2013

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M24077 Paperback  £16.99
100 NATURAL WONDERS OF NORWAY   layout image

by Tom Schandy / Tom Helgesen

This is an ideal book for everyone who loves Norwegian nature. It contains the most splendid areas of natural scenic beauty, from fjords to mountains, from coast to interior. 100 Natural Wonders of Norway takes you on a walk over the gently undulating Finnmarksvidda Plateau, along the idyllic coast of Southern Norway for a dip in the sea, through the old forest in the depths of Nordmarka and to the top of Norway's highest mountain, Galdhopiggen. Colour photographs, 2008pp. 2007

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M23293 Hardback  £33.99

by Peter Scott / Philippa Scott / Keith Shackleton

It was Sir Peter Scott's wish, before his death in 1989, to see a volume of his paintings published. This book covers the whole range of Sir Peter's output - ranging from early childhood sketches to the last unfinished painting: his vision of the London Wetlands Centre. Pride of place is given to an imaginatively varied selection of the celebrated wildfowl paintings. Here are exquisite watercolour sketches from his travel diaries; book illustrations; pencil and pen-and-ink drawings; paintings from wartime naval exploits; portraits of family and friends; designs for the original logos of the WWF and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust; and also several works of a philosophical nature. Colour illustrations, 168pp. 2008

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M23307 Hardback  £29.99

by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas / Sy Montgomery / John Houston

photography Cyril Christo / Marie Wilkinson

A tribute to the striking beauty of this trio of almost mythic creatures. Dramatic duotone images capture the animals roaming their natural environments, revealing not only their awesome power but also their vulnerability. The images are accompanied by the photographers' reminiscences of their expeditions and heartfelt responses by three nature writers to the plight of these majestic mammals. Simultaneously thought-provoking and captivating, this book is for anyone concerned about the conservation of endangered species. Duotone photographs, 160pp. 2013

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M23673 Hardback  £35.00
THE NATURAL EYE Art Book One THE NATURAL EYE Art Book One   layout image

by Various Artists

This limited edition is packed with images from nearly 60 of our artists. A beautiful and informative book, with field sketches, drawings, original prints, oils, acrylics, mixed media, bronzes, ceramics and found object sculpture, gems on every page. Each of the contributing artists have written short anecdotes about the work that they have donated and funds from the sale of the book will help the Society to encourage and support artists inspired by the natural world through the SWLA Bursaries and other opportunities. 2013

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M23644 Hardback  £20.00

by John Threlfall

John lives on the Solway coast of Dumfries and Galloway. Within a few miles either way it is possible to find a range of coastal habitats and it is these locations where the land meets the ocean have formed the basis of John's work for many years and Drawn to the Edge expands upon this compulsion, exploring key locations around the UK coast that provide some of the finest examples of these habitats and the rich diversity of life that depends upon them. Colour illustrations, 200pp. 2013

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M23643 Hardback  £38.00
MICROCOSMOS Discovering the World through Microscopic Images from 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification MICROCOSMOS Discovering the World through Microscopic Images from 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification   layout image

by Brandon Broll

photography The Science Photo Library

Microcosmos is a remarkable photo-journey into everyday life through spectacular microscopic images. The extraordinary images, produced with the latest microphotography technologies, are displayed on more reader-friendly larger page layouts. Most of the 205 full-colour photographs were taken using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), which allows us to see our world as never before. Colour photographs, 224pp. 2013

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M23637 Paperback  £14.95
THE ART OF CONSERVATION 25 Years of Birdfair Posters THE ART OF CONSERVATION 25 Years of Birdfair Posters   layout image

by Martin Davies / Tim Appleton

illustrated by Robert Gillmor

From the Birdfair's humble beginnings, this book show how, with the help of its sponsors and volunteers, it has grown beyond all expectations. This is a pictorial history of the fair, shown through the posters. 64pp. 2013

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M21818 Paperback  £15.00
BEAUTIFUL OWLS Portraits of Arresting Species from Around the World BEAUTIFUL OWLS Portraits of Arresting Species from Around the World   layout image

by Marianne Taylor

Showcases the allure of these beautiful, mtsterious and mesmerizing birds, from the unmistakable Snowy Owl to the elusive Rufous-Legged Owl of South America, and not forgetting the Tawny Owl we all know and love. Colour photographs, 111pp. 2013

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M21806 Paperback  £12.99

by David Tipling

Penguins: Close Encounters showcases 130 amazing photographs of birds in the wild. Each bird is identified with its common name and its Latin name, and a short description accompanies each photograph. Penguins: Close Encounters includes all of the world's 17 penguin speciesand chapters cover all aspects of their lives and behaviour. Colour photographs, 160pp. 2013

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M21803 Hardback  £20.00
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