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Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in wildlife photography or film making, want to learn how to create your own stunning photographs and drawings of the natural world around you or if you just want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking work of internationally acclaimed artists and photographers, our extensive selection of wildlife art and photography titles will leave you spoilt for choice. Our range caters for all ages and interests, from the sea to the sky and everything in between, so you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

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Landmark; The Fields of Landscape Photography   layout image

by William A Ewing

This title finds itself at the cutting edge of contempory image making, driven partly by an enduring fascination with the land, and partly by the urgent need to take stock of the extraordinary forces impacting on our environment. For this global survey of the genre the author has selected work from over 100 photographers. Each represents an individual or original viewpoint of a shared concern for our changing environment. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 256pp. 2014


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M24312 Hardback  £39.95
Understanding the Flowering Plants; A Practical Guide to Botanical Illustrations   layout image

by A Bebbington

Written for botanical artists and photographers wishing to know more about flowering plants. Contains practical advice on techniques and tools used in botanical work. Highlights features that are important in illustration for botanical purposes. Illustration type: Colour images, 256pp. 2014


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M24306 Paperback  £24.95
The Botanical Illustrator's Handbook   layout image

by Sally Pinhey

Takes a closer look at how to accurately portray the riches of the botanical world. It tackles and explains many of the difficulties that artists encounter so they can extend and expand their choice of subject matter. Written by a respected artist and drawing on her wealth of experience, it offers new insights and a fresh approach to the wonders of botanical illustration. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 128pp. 2014

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M24264 Paperback  £16.99
Drawing and Painting Insects   layout image

by Andrew Tyzack

Whatever your experience, whether new to the subject or a seasoned entomologist, this book will help you capture the beauty of insects by helping you understand their structure and appreciate their behaviour, movement, colour and habitat. Illustration type: Colour illustrations 102pp. 2014

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M24260 Paperback  £19.99
Photographing Birds; Art and Techniques   layout image

by Mark Sisson

Bird photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography and can test even modern high-specification cameras to their limits. This practical book guides you through both how to understand your camera and how to develop your own style and approach. With technical, practical and creative insights throughout, it also emphasizes the importance of fieldcraft and understanding your subject. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 160pp. 2014

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M24259 Paperback  £16.99
An Eye for Nature; The Life and Art of William T Cooper   layout image

by Penny Olsen

This biography traces the path of Cooper's life and art, from his childhood spent in the bush, to his teenage years as an apprentice taxidermist at Carey Bay Zoo and, later, to his work as a window dresser and landscape artist. It documents his fruitful partnership with wife and collaborator Wendy Cooper and his extensive travels in Australia and abroad in pursuit of his subjects. The author's commentary reveals the development of an artist and the trajectory of a life, while extracts from Cooper's extensive field notebooks give an insight into his interests and processes. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, Photographs, Sketches, 278pp. 2014

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M24236 Hardback  £35.00
Cover Birds   layout image

by Robert Gillmor

Describes the author's long and close involvement with the Reading Ornithological Club, now the Berkshire Ornithological Club. His art has adorned covers of annual reports for many years and this title is illustrated with examples of many of the report covers. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 60pp. 2013

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M24140 Paperback  £12.99
Sport Optics Sport Optics   layout image

by Alan R Hale

This book introduces the basic concsepts of what is a binocular, scope, riflescope, the different types, how to choose and where to buy. The text then examines optical details such as chromatic aberration, resolution, brightness, contrast and depth of field. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, B/W illustrations, 182pp. 2013

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M24138 Paperback  £21.00
The Wildlife Artist's Handbook The Wildlife Artist's Handbook   layout image

by Jackie Garner

This book sets the scene of how wildlife has been portrayed in art and guides the reader through the principles of practical drawing and painting wildlife. It covers recommended equipment, techniques, fieldcraft, composition and anatomy, and offers help for those wishing to exhibit their work. The text suggests how to begin to draw wildlife and then to add colour, advises on how to draw a constantly moving subject and how to capture the moment. Gives clear instruction on anatomy and composition, suggests how to paint outdoors and how to use photography and museum collections, gives inspiration and insights into printmaking and sculpture, and practical advice on exhibiting and selling wildlife art and also showcases inspiring images, in a range of styles, from over twenty leading artists. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 176pp. 2013

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M24077 Paperback  £16.99
100 Natural Wonders of Norway   layout image

by Tom Schandy / Tom Helgesen

This is an ideal book for everyone who loves Norwegian nature. It contains the most splendid areas of natural scenic beauty, from fjords to mountains, from coast to interior. 100 Natural Wonders of Norway takes you on a walk over the gently undulating Finnmarksvidda Plateau, along the idyllic coast of Southern Norway for a dip in the sea, through the old forest in the depths of Nordmarka and to the top of Norway's highest mountain, Galdhopiggen. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 208pp. 2007

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M23293 Hardback  £33.99

by Peter Scott / Philippa Scott / Keith Shackleton

It was Sir Peter Scott's wish, before his death in 1989, to see a volume of his paintings published. This book covers the whole range of Sir Peter's output - ranging from early childhood sketches to the last unfinished painting: his vision of the London Wetlands Centre. Pride of place is given to an imaginatively varied selection of the celebrated wildfowl paintings. Here are exquisite watercolour sketches from his travel diaries; book illustrations; pencil and pen-and-ink drawings; paintings from wartime naval exploits; portraits of family and friends; designs for the original logos of the WWF and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust; and also several works of a philosophical nature. Colour illustrations, 168pp. 2008

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M23307 Hardback  £29.99
In Predatory Light; Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears   layout image

by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas / Sy Montgomery / John Houston

photography Cyril Christo / Marie Wilkinson

A tribute to the striking beauty of this trio of almost mythic creatures. Dramatic duotone images capture the animals roaming their natural environments, revealing not only their awesome power but also their vulnerability. The images are accompanied by the photographers' reminiscences of their expeditions and heartfelt responses by three nature writers to the plight of these majestic mammals. Simultaneously thought-provoking and captivating, this book is for anyone concerned about the conservation of endangered species. Illustration type: Duotone photographs, 160pp. 2013

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M23673 Hardback  £35.00
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