Collins New Naturalist 118; Marches

Collins New Naturalist 118; Marchesdefault_red.gif

by Andrew Allott

The Marches, the borderland between England and Wales has long been a region of contention. Its distinctive geography, wedged roughly between Welsh mountains and English river beds has not only isolated the rural, sparsely populated slice of land, but created a unique identity.

Presenting the first large scale survey of this unique part of the country, the author offers a complete natural history of this area. Covers the hills, fossils, ice ages, meres, mosses, forests, streams and rivers, whilst also focusing on man's impact on the region, the changing wildlife, the impact of agriculture and the scars of past and present industrial activity.

Illustration type: Colour Photographs, 464pp. 2011

M20895 Collins New Naturali... Hardback  RRP: £50.00  Now: £30.00 

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