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Helm Identification Guides: Sylvia Warblers

by Hadoram Shirihai, Gabriel Gargallo, Andreas J Helbig

illustrations by Alan Harris

photography by David Cottridge

Helm Identification Guides: Sylvia Warblers
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Please note: This title is no longer available, however you can email us for a recommended alternative.

Reason: Reprinting, no date advised.


For the first time an entire genus has been analysed phylogenetically (DNA-DNA analysis) to accurately determine the interrelationships of it members. The findings of this laboratory work along with extensive field and museum work result in the most complete study of the genus 'Sylvia'. Two new species have been described based on the results and identification criteria established for all the members of the family. The 25 species are treated in enormous detail including every aspect of identification, with colour illistrations showing age, sex and racial differences, distribution maps, sonagrams, tables and moult and wing diagrams.



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