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South America

  • Marine Mammals of Patagonia and Antarctica34% OFF
    Marine Mammals of Patagonia and… by Ricardo Bastida, Diego Rodriguez

    This area of Argentine coast south of the Rio Negro is famous for the spring residency of the Southern Right Whale and the occurrence of Orca. Washed by the north cold currents which emanate from Antarctic waters, the coast is host to a variety of large whales which pass through en route from the deep south to spend the winter in the tropics. Identifies 47 species of whales, dolphins and seals. Colour photographs and illustrations, maps. 206pp. 2005 edition

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  • Neotropical Rainforest Mammals; A Field Guide20% OFF
    Neotropical Rainforest Mammals; A Field… by Louise H Emmons, Francoise Feer

    A detailed and comprehensive guide to the wide variety of mammals living in the jungles of South and Central America. It includes many small and overlooked groups with full accounts of 206 species in 90 genera. 219 species illustrated in full colour plus line drawings of 65 others. 30 colour and 14 black and white plates, 184 maps, 550pp, 2nd edition 1997

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  • Four Neotropical Rainforests
    Four Neotropical Rainforests -

    The exploitation & disappearance of tropical forests is one of the world's major ecologically complex problems. The flora & fauna of four major rainforest sites - Manaus Brazil; Manu Park Peru; Barro Colorado Island Panama; and La Selva Costa Rica are compared by expert ecologists providing a reliable compilation of data for researchers & students. Maps graphs tables 627pp 1990

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  • Guide to the Mammals of Salta Province, Argentina
    Guide to the Mammals of Salta Province,… by Michael A. Mares et al.

    131 Illustrations 320pp 1989 Univ of Oklahoma

    Hardback £15.00 Buy Now
    An ancient species of toothed whale whose origin dates back about 15 million years, the pink river dolphins occupy a habitat no other dolphin could colonise. Appearing mostly at dawn and dusk little is known about their migration patterns. The author attempts to follw them on a journey through the Amazon that also look as the local stories that surround these ancient creatures. Colour illustrations. 320pp.
    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • MAMMALS OF THE NEOTROPICS Vol 3: The Central Neotropics: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil
    MAMMALS OF THE NEOTROPICS Vol 3: The… by John F Eisenberg, Kent H Redford
    Volume 3 is the final one in the series and provides a survey and synthesis of current knowledge of over 650 species of land and marine mammals found in the area. 16 colour plates, line drawings and halftones, 582 distribution maps, tables, 644pp. 1999
    Paperback £41.50 Buy Now
  • THE MAMMALS OF COSTA RICA A Natural History and Field Guide
    THE MAMMALS OF COSTA RICA A Natural… by Mark Wainwright
    Descriptions include key identification features, range maps, vocalisations, local folklore and mythology and comprehensive information on natural history and conservation. Illustrations show not only the mammals but also their tracks, foods and skulls. Also illustrates numerous other animals and plants with which the mammals have close ecological links. Colour illustrations, half tones, line drawings, 454pp. 2007
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  • Pocket Photo Guide Birds of Ecuador and Galapagos
    Pocket Photo Guide Birds of Ecuador and… by Clive Byers

    Illustrated with clear colour photography and brief but authoritative descriptions the Pocket Photo Guides highlight the species of birds and animals from each region that the traveller is most likely to see, as well as those that are genuinely endemic (only to be seen in that country or region) or special rarities. The genuine pocket size allow the books to be carried around on trips and excursions and will take up minimal rucksack and suitcase space.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now

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