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  • Gorillas83% OFF
    Gorillas by Patricia Miller-Schroeder

    The Wildworld series covers folklore and classic stories as well as scientific topics such as classification and distribution.

    Paperback £0.99 RRP: £5.99Buy Now
  • Primates of Africa74% OFF
    Primates of Africa by N Korck

    Full colour laminated chart. 900mm x 594mm

    - £2.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Animals of the Masai Mara16% OFF
    Animals of the Masai Mara by Adam Scott Kennedy, Vicki Kennedy

    Covers 65 mammals and 17 reptile species, including 6 snakes. Designed to be informative and locally accurate rather than purely identification based. Pays particular attention to wildlife behaviour. The tips throughout show readers how and where to locate specific species.

    Paperback £14.95 RRP: £17.95Buy Now
  • Jonathan Kingdon's Carnivores of Africa54% OFF
    Jonathan Kingdon's Carnivores of Africa by Jonathan Kingdon

    Fold out laminated colour identification field reference guide to all the carnivores of the African continent

    - £4.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Mammal Tracks & Signs of Southern Africa
    Mammal Tracks & Signs of Southern Africa by Lee Gutteridge, Louis Liebenberg

    Tracking is a popular, yet difficult subject, but this comprehensive guide will help anyone who applies themselves to begin to decipher these natural hieroglyphs etched on the ground. Highly accurate sketches show all the details one would expect to find in a perfect example of spoor.

    Paperback £13.99 Buy Now
  • The Lion and the Gazelle: The Mammals and Birds of Iran
    The Lion and the Gazelle: The Mammals… by P.N. Humphreys, E. Kahrom

    Iran is a natural crossroads over which animals plants and men have migrated since time immemorial. It is a country which exhibits two completely different climatic zones thereby allowing a wide diversity of species to flourish. Combining biology with history and mythology it is the first book to cover the major species of mammals and birds of this virtually unknown area. Colour and b/w photographs, maps, 224pp. 1995

    Hardback £31.50 Buy Now
  • A Primate's Memoir: Love, Death and Baboons in East Africa
    A Primate's Memoir: Love, Death and… -

    Upon graduating from college, Saloldky leaves the comfort of the Northeastern Untited State for the first time, to join a babboon troop in Kenya as a young transfer male. In this volume Sapolsky sets out to study the relationship between stress and disease. He reinvents the traditional field research study with this daring memoir of more than 20 years studying a troop of baboons in Kenya.

    Hardback £17.99 Buy Now
  • Lemurs of Madagascar
    Lemurs of Madagascar by Russell A Mittermeier et al

    This fully updated and revised edition discusses the origins, discovery and conservation of Madagascar's lemur fauna, and profile the country's 101 species and subspecies.

    Paperback £34.99 Buy Now
  • Mammals of Madagascar: A Complete Guide
    Mammals of Madagascar: A Complete Guide by Nick Garbutt

    All 184 species of mammal are described and photographically illustrated in this new guide. Not only are the lemurs depicted but also the smaller species such as tenrecs and rodents.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • A Photographic Guide to Mammals of North Africa and the Middle East
    A Photographic Guide to Mammals of… by Chris & Tilde Stuart

    Covers approximately 100 of the larger species found in a region from Morocco in the west to Iran, the Arabian Penisular in the east and Tutkey in the north. Description with key identification feature, distribution, habitat and status, behaviour, diet and reproduction for each species.

    Paperback £7.99 Buy Now
  • Meerkats
    Meerkats by Nigel Dennis, David MacDonald

    Collection of photographs accompanied by an informative and readable text provides a rare insight into the fascinating world of meerkats. Examines their lifestyle and behaviour, their social make up and adaptations to a hostile environment.

    Hardback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Bats of Britain, Europe and Northwest Africa
    Bats of Britain, Europe and Northwest… by Christian Dietz et al.

    Presents all 51 bat species that occur across Europe and Northwest Africa, and embraces recent taxonomic advances and several new species descriptions. Introductory chapters reveal the remarkable biology of bats. The detailed species accounts cover life history, conservation status and identification.

    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
    Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the… by S Aulagnier et al.

    Covers all of the terrestrial mammals species of the Western Palearctic. Species accounts are concise with information on size, identification, distribution, habitat, behaviour, reproduction and feeding.

    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
  • LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Nocturnal Lemurs: Pocket Identification Guide
    LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Nocturnal Lemurs:… by R A Mittermeier et al.
    The nocturnal pocket guide presents 65 species of lemurs - some of them only just described - from eight genera: Allocebus, Avahi, Cheirogaleus, Daubentonia, Lepilemur, Microcebus, Mirza and Phaner. It has been meticulously illustrated by primate artist Stephen Nash, and concludes with a checklist to its respective lemur taxa. Illustrations, maps, 20pp. 2008
    Paperback £6.99 Buy Now
  • Quaggas and Other Zebras
    Quaggas and Other Zebras by David Barnaby

    Shot into extinction towards the end of the nineteenth century, this title recounts the explorations into what has been left behind in our culture by the extinct Quagga.

    Paperback £9.00 Buy Now
    Pocket Guide MAMMALS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA by Chris & Mathilde Stuart
    Compact guide which covers some 120 mammals of the region. Concise information on key identification pointers, similar species, habitat, behaviour, diet, reproduction, longevity, calls, occurrence and measurements. Silhouettes indicating size in relation to humans, illustrations of tracks and droppings, colour illustrations, distribution maps, 160pp. 2011
    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Primates of West Africa: A Field Guide and Natural History
    Primates of West Africa: A Field Guide… by John F Oates

    This comprehensive guide provides accounts for each primates species and subspecies, providing information not only on their identifying features and geographic distributions, but also on their natural history, their populations and habitats, locomotion, vocalizations, activity patterns, diets and feeding, ranging, and social behaviours.

    Paperback £34.99 Buy Now
  • Mammals of Africa: Volumes I - VI
    Mammals of Africa: Volumes I - VI -

    This six volume set contains the very latest information and detailed discussion of the morphology, distribution, biology and evolution (including reference to fossil and molecular data) of every currently recognized species of African land mammal. It is fully illustrated with 660 colour paintings, over 2,000 line drawings, 1,100 maps and many tables, 2013

    Hardback £600.00 Buy Now
  • Animals of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area
    Animals of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro… by Adam Scott Kennedy, Vicki Kennedy

    Covers the 89 species of mammals and reptiles most likely to be encountered in this world famous area, which includes the amazing Ngorongoro Crater. Useful tips from local Tanzanian guides who work in the region provide visitors with insights into behavioural habits and help to locate specific animals. Filled with vivid anecdotes, Animals of the Serengeti will enable any safari traveller to identify the mammals and reptiles of the area with ease.

    Paperback £17.95 Buy Now
    Covers law, survey work, catching, identification, sexing, ringing and habitats. Black and white drawings 178pp, 3rd edition 2004
    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • EAST AFRICAN MAMMALS: An Atlas of Evolution in Africa Volume IIIC - Bovids
    EAST AFRICAN MAMMALS: An Atlas of… by Jonathan Kingdon
    Colour & b/w drawings, 394pp. 1989
    Paperback £36.50 Buy Now
  • Horn of Darkness: Rhino On The Edge
    Horn of Darkness: Rhino On The Edge by Cunningham, Berger

    Despite having no predators the black rhino is on the edge of extinction. The reason is that the rhino's horn is more treasured than gold in the Orient and people will risk their lives to harvest it. African governments have spent millions on helicopters, paramilitary operations and even relocation to protected areas. Three African countries tried a radical strategy - cutting the horns. This book blends natural history and biology, adventure and adrenaline, and Africans and local attitudes. Includes historical accounts of other naturalists, a detailed look at life in the wild and a behind the scenes glimpse of scientific work and the dark side of the conservation movement. 246pp. 2000 edition

    Paperback £15.49 Buy Now
    ELEPHANT MEMORIES by Cynthia Moss
    Concentrates on the lives of one extended family of elephants over a 13 year period. Shares with the reader the richness and complexity of elephant life and how they survived or succumbed to droughts, poachers, Masai warriors, disease, injury, tourists and even researchers. 364pp. 2000 edition
    Paperback £13.50 Buy Now

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