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by James Williams

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Back from the brink of extinction, the otter is making a come-back in Britain today. The author James Williams, a life-long enthusiast, dispels some of the mysteries about this enigmatic creature in this beautifully-illustrated book:

  • Reasons for the near-disappearance of the otter in the 1980s and the reasons for its recovery today
  • Why otters patrol their territories and fight for them
  • Breeding, natural history and behaviour.
  • Unusual otter information: blind otters, the work of otter groups, the difficulties of introducing otters in the wild, their surprising ability to live close to man.
  • Otters as predators their impact on fish stocks, the difficulty of fish-hunting in cold water, their favourite foods.
  • Tracking otters through their prints, and through their spraints.
  • Helping the otter to survive in the 21st century.
Colour photographs, 224pp. 2010



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