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Wildlife Art & Photography

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in wildlife photography or film making, want to learn how to create your own stunning photographs and drawings of the natural world around you or if you just want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking work of internationally acclaimed artists and photographers, our extensive selection of wildlife art and photography titles will leave you spoilt for choice. Our range caters for all ages and interests, from the sea to the sky and everything in between, so you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

  • The Wildlife Gardener
    The Wildlife Gardener -
    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Bird Photographer of the Year 2017
    Bird Photographer of the Year 2017 -

    This beautiful book accompanies the photographic competition celebrating some of the best bird photography of the year.

    The Bird Photographer of the Year competition celebrates the artistry of bird photography, and this large-format book is lavishly illustrated to reflect this.

    A celebration of avian beauty and diversity, it is a tribute to both the dedication and passion of the photographers as well as a reflection of the quality of today's modern digital imaging systems.

    Bird Photographer of the Year 2017 includes the winning and short-listed images from the competition, now in its second year, showcasing some of the finest bird photography, with a foreword by BTO President and head judge, Chris Packham. A proportion of the profits from the book goes directly to the BTO to support their conservation work.

    The advent of digital technology has revolutionised photography in recent years, and Bird Photographer of the Year 2017 brings to life some of the most stunning bird photography currently on offer. It features a vast variety of photographs by hardened pros, keen amateurs and hobbyists alike, reflecting the huge diversity of bird enthusiasts and nature lovers which is so important in ensuring their conservation and survival.

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • A Bird Photographer's Diary: The Stories behind the Pictures
    A Bird Photographer's Diary: The… by David Tipling
    Hardback £16.99 Info
  • LTL Acorn Scouting Wildlife Camera
    LTL Acorn Scouting Wildlife Camera -

    The Ltl Acorn scouting wildlife camera (model Ltl-5210 , Ltl-5210A) is a scouting device. It can be triggered by sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest, which is detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, and then take pictures or video clips automatically. The supplier offers a 2 year warranty as well as 2 years charge-free maintenance within quality guarantee period.

    - £149.99 Buy Now
  • Birds in Pictures
    Birds in Pictures -

    Markus Varesvuo's first title Birds: Magic Moments, published in 2011, took the world of bird books by storm selling tens of thousands of copies and coeditions in half a dozen countries all around Europe. The author's status as one of the world's best bird photographers was already established and the collection of images was breathtaking. Since then Markus's career has gone from strength to strength. Here, for Birds in Pictures, he has gathered a new and even better collection of stunning bird images from around the world with highlights including Snowy Owls, Puffins, Dippers, and Capercaillies. The format of Birds in Pictures is slightly larger to show off the photography in all its glory. The text is brief with short descriptions of the subjects and photography tips

    HARDBACK £30.00 Buy Now
  • The Wind in My Face: On the Trail of a Nature Photographer49% OFF
    The Wind in My Face: On the Trail of a… by Bridget MacCaskill

    After the death of the well known naturalist, forester and nature photographer, Don MacCaskill, his wife Bridget put together a book of stunning photographs with text that gives the reader a taste of nature through the seasons. Also includes poetry by Jim Crumley, each poem inspired by one of Don's photographs. Colour photographs, 160pp. 2004

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £19.95Buy Now
  • Safari Sketchbook: A Bird Painter's African Odyssey33% OFF
    Safari Sketchbook: A Bird Painter's… by Martin Woodcock

    A collection of watercolours and sketches from some of the field trips undertaken to produce illustrations for the Birds of Africa series. The text, based on the author's notebooks and journals provide anecdotes, 'incidents of the route', descriptive passages with a little poetry, and some history which enhances the underlying ornithological research. 176pp. 2010

    Hardback £29.99 RRP: £45.00Buy Now
  • Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography40% OFF
    Wildlife Photographer: A Course in… by Chris Gomersall

    Chapters on subjects such as Space, Light, Time and Developing with examples, advice, and suggestions for projects and exercises. Also sixteen case studies, where the author describes how he achieved some of his most outstanding images.

    Hardback £14.99 RRP: £25.00Buy Now
  • Photographing Garden Wildlife
    Photographing Garden Wildlife by Marianne Taylor

    by Marianne Taylor

    photography Steve Young

    An indispensible guide to building up your skills as a wildlife photographer. Covers every aspect of nature photography from choosing your camera, setting the scene, learning about studio style sets and maximizing your chances of catching unexpected moments, to processing and tweaking them to present them to their best advantage.

    Hardback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Devon Wildlife Through the Seasons60% OFF
    Devon Wildlife Through the Seasons by John Walters

    Award winning wildlife artist John Walters portrays the varied and exciting wildlife of the county of Devon through the seasons.

    Hardback £20.00 RRP: £50.00Buy Now
  • Butterfly Season 198444% OFF
    Butterfly Season 1984 by David Measures

    A collection of the artist's butterfly drawings, watercolours and field notes made during the summer of '84. 60 full-colour plates are included in this limited edition, signed publication, and opposite each is the typescript of the hastily scribbled notes which accompany the drawings.

    Hardback £20.00 RRP: £36.00Buy Now
  • The Art of Conservation: 25 years of Birdfair Posters33% OFF
    The Art of Conservation: 25 years of… by Martin Davies, Tim Appleton

    In 1989, two men had an idea to stage a fair showcasing the very best of all things to do with birds and wildlife. 25 years later, the British Birdfair has become the largest such event in the world. From the Birdfair's humble beginnings, this book show how, with the help of its sponsors and volunteers, it has grown beyond all expectations. The founders commissioned Robert Gillmor to produce artwork for all but three of the iconic posters to promote the Fair. This is a pictorial history of the fair, shown through the posters.

    Paperback £9.99 RRP: £15.00Buy Now
  • Watch the Birdie: The Life and Times of Richard and Cherry Kearton; Pioneers of Wildlife Photography38% OFF
    Watch the Birdie: The Life and Times of… by W R Mitchell

    This book is about "Nature Through the Lens", as seen by Dales born photographers Richard and Cherry Kearton. Their attempts to get close to wildlife led them to develop the type of 'hide' still in use today. The author delves into their past and explores the fascinating route which took them as far afield as Africa with an American President.

    Paperback £4.95 RRP: £7.99Buy Now
  • North Norfolk Wildlife Through the Seasons58% OFF
    North Norfolk Wildlife Through the… by James McCallum

    Living in North Norfolk, where he was born and raised, James McCallum spends most of his time out of doors, either wardening, monitoring wildlife or drawing and painting.

    This celebration of his artistic talent is a month-by-month account of his observations, particularly of the wealth of birdlife for which Norfolk is justly famous.

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £11.99Buy Now
  • A Penguin's World14% OFF
    A Penguin's World by Ian Strange, Georgina Strange

    Portrays the six species of penguin found in the Falklands. The collection of photographs and informative text endeavour to show not only the fascinating aspects of these birds but their amazing resilience and the life they lead when they come ashore to breed.

    Hardback £8.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • An Illustrated Coastal Year
    An Illustrated Coastal Year by Celia Lewis

    Written and presented in the same style as 2013's popular An Illustrated Country Year, Celia Lewis's beautiful new book covers the wildlife found on and around the seashore, above and under water. Illustrated throughout with Celia's gorgeous watercolours and linocuts, the book is broken up into seasons, with each featuring illustrations of flowers, insects, animals, fish, birds, shells and all sea-related species found at that time of year..An Illustrated Coastal Year highlights all the flora and fauna to look out for when you visit the coast and is perfect to dip into before or after any trip to our shores.

    Hardback £20.00 Buy Now
  • Nextinction
    Nextinction -

    The follow-up to the award-winning Extinct Boids, Ralph Steadman's Nextinction features more of the incredible art of cartoonist Ralph Steadman. This time the focus is not on the birds that are gone, but the ones that there's still time to save. A proportion of the proceeds from Ralph Steadman's Nextinction goes to BirdLife International, to help them prevent the Nextinction.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Phototips: Principles of Nature Photography
    Phototips: Principles of Nature… by Heinrich van den Berg, Philip van den Berg

    Covers all the basics of nature photography. Simple and to the point, the van den Bergs present an image, and then reveal a tip for both beginners and pros. Also tips on how to take images similar to those in the book, how to think when capturing the image, and what camera settings to use. Colour photographs, 144pp. 2011

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Birds: Magic Moments
    Birds: Magic Moments by Markus Varesvuo

    Showcases 150 amazing photographs of birds in the wild. Each bird is identified with its common name and its Latin name and a short description. Colour photographs, 160pp. 2011 (Click more info for British Birds Review)

    Hardback £20.00 Buy Now
  • Wild Planet: Celebrating Wildlife Photographer of the Year
    Wild Planet: Celebrating Wildlife… -

    A unique collection of arresting images from past years of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - the international showcase for the very best photography featuring natural subjects. Colour photographs, 144pp. 2010

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Surviving; How Animals Adapt to Their Environments
    Surviving; How Animals Adapt to Their… by Alessandro Minelli, Maria Pia Mannucci

    Several million species inhabit the earth, survivors of more than three billion years of evolution. The plants and animals that have avoided extinction have had to adapt to a variety of harsh conditions. This title presents the most striking example of these incredible artists of survival. Colour photographs, 200pp. 2009

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Great Birds of Britain and Europe
    Great Birds of Britain and Europe by David Tipling, Jonathan Elphick

    A superb collection of bird photographs and evocative text that will give pleasure and fascinating information to nature lovers and birdwatchers alike.

    Hardback £22.50 Buy Now
  • Landscape Photography Secrets
    Landscape Photography Secrets by Tom Mackie

    The author breaks down landscape photography into eight different sub-genres, from forest to mountains and coastal to urban and examines the challenges and processes involved with each specific environment. Colour photographs, 144pp. 2008 edition

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • Garden Photo Shoot: A Photographer's Yearbook of Garden Wildlife
    Garden Photo Shoot: A Photographer's… by John Thurlbourn

    This inspiring book shows that, with sympathetic management, wildlife can be enhanced and will thrive in any English suburban garden. If Thurlbourn has done nothing else, he surely reveals to us another world, one that many of us are hardly aware of. Will delight all those who wish to 'stand and stare' and explore such rich biodiversity. Colour photographs, 96pp. 2009

    Paperback £7.99 Buy Now
  • Under Antarctic Ice: The Photographs of Norbert Wu
    Under Antarctic Ice: The Photographs of… by Jim Mastro, Norbert Wu

    This is a collection of photographs taken underwater in deep Antarctica, illuminating a world brimming with strange and beautiful life forms. Colour photographs, 198pp. 2004

    Paperback £26.95 Buy Now
  • Splendors of the Seas: The Photographs of Norbert Wu50% OFF
    Splendors of the Seas: The Photographs… by Norbert Wu

    A collection of wonderful underwater colour photographs taken all over the world from the Arctic seas the Great Barrier Reef Borneo to Australasia & the seas off Baja Mexico. Text by the photographer 252pp 1994 Hugh Lauter Levin

    Hardback £20.00 RRP: £40.00Buy Now
  • Angels from the North: A Portrait of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
    Angels from the North: A Portrait of… by Richard Taylor-Jones

    To celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, photographer Richard Taylor-Jones set out to document the diversity of life that this organisation supports. Two bird species in particular, Bewick's and Whooper Swans, take centre stage during this project. Every winter thousands of these individuals undertake a 3500km migration route south from the Arctic Tundra, many wintering at WWT reserves. Colour photographs. 119pp. 2005

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Albatross: Their world, their ways42% OFF
    Albatross: Their world, their ways by Julian Fitter et al.

    Covers all the world's species of albatross with detailed species accounts. Thought provoking essays from leading experts on albatrosses. Illustrated with 300 colour photographs making it both an authoritative work and a work of art. 240pp. 2008

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £35.00Buy Now
  • Creative Bird Photography
    Creative Bird Photography by Bill Coster

    Each magnified shot is accompanied by detailed technical data as well as information on locations and other issues that need to be tackled in order to achieve the perfect shot.

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Creative Nature Photography
    Creative Nature Photography by Bill Coster

    Embraces locations such as the icy polar regions, Africa's arid lands, North America's mountain habitats and Europe's wetlands and forests. Each chapter deals with a specific environment, staring with landscapes and moving on to plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Penguin Life: Surviving with Style in the South Atlantic
    Penguin Life: Surviving with Style in… by Andy Rouse

    Penguins lead a remarkable and resourceful life to survive in some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth. Captured here are the surfing, sliding and climbing antics that make penguins so universally appealing, as well as the stark reality of their struggle to survive. Colour photographs from highly acclaimed photographer Andy Rouse, 160pp. 2007

    Hardback £9.99 Buy Now
  • The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds
    The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds by John Muir Laws

    This how-to guide will perfect the technique of serious arists but also, perhaps more importantly, it will provide guidance for those who insist they can't draw. Leading the mind and hand through a series of detailed exercises, Laws delivers what he promises: that drawing birds opens you to the beauty of the world. Colour illustrations, 128pp. 2012

    Paperback £22.50 Buy Now
  • Digital Plant Photography
    Digital Plant Photography by Adrian Davies

    This book covers equipment, basic photographic techniques, gardens and greenhouses, digital processing patterns and texture, making use of light, time lapse and high speed photography. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 176pp. 2013

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Photographing Birds in the Wild
    Photographing Birds in the Wild by Hicks, Paul

    Explains how to get fine results using basic 35mm cameras and compatible equipment. Covers field techniques, use of hides, controlling exposure, flash techniques and composition. Colour photographs and diagrams, 112pp. 1999

    Hardback £12.95 Buy Now
  • Images from Birding
    Images from Birding by Michael Warren

    A collection of paintings and sketches that document and describe memorable observations of birding around the Britiah Isles and Ireland. From patchworking to twitching, they all illustrate a particular moment. Many of the captions are taken from Michael's field notes, the pictures reflect his continuing delight and fascination with birds. 168pp. 2007

    Hardback £38.00 Buy Now
  • True to Form
    True to Form by David Bennett

    David's love of the outdoors and Natural History has focused itself through painting and drawing. This title includes work produced around his home patch of North Yorkshire, and other parts of Britain. Experiencing wildlife in its element provides David with an insight which further drives his inquisitiveness and stimulates his need to paint. Sketching and painting outside has fashioned the look of David's work. Fieldwork makes you see form rather than detail, it encourages a more concise spontaneous approach. 176pp. 2007

    Hardback £38.00 Buy Now
  • Arte De Pajaros / Art of Birds
    Arte De Pajaros / Art of Birds by Pablo Neruda

    Considered to be on of the great Chilean poets of all time, Pablo Neruda poignantly reflects his fascination with the world of birds and his passion for the nature of his beloved native land. The English translations by Jack Schmitt conveys the essence of Neruda's evocative verses. Complimented by original colour illustrations by internationally renowned nature artists. 208pp. 2002

    Hardback £14.50 Buy Now
  • New Forest Painters
    New Forest Painters by Georgina Babey

    A collection of wonderful paintings and informative text centred around the New Forest. 132pp. 2011

    Hardback £38.00 Buy Now
  • John Gould: The Family of Toucans
    John Gould: The Family of Toucans by Jonathan Elphick

    John Gould (1804-1881), one of the most prolific ornithological artists of the 19th century, had a romantic enthusiasm for winged creatures, as well as a passion for natural history and a impulse to catalog. Drawing on his outstanding scientific and artistic talents, he embarked on a series of projects that would eventually make him the leading publisher of ornithological illustrations in Victorian Britain. Gould's unparalleled career spanned five decades, during which he produced a series of books depicting birds from all over the world. 51 ready to frame art prints, 130pp. 2011

    Hardback £69.99 Buy Now
  • Images of Nature: Chinese Art and the Reeves Collection
    Images of Nature: Chinese Art and the… by Judith Magee

    Brings together a unique collection of botanical, zoological and entomological drawings depicting the natural history of China. Commissioned and collected during the early nineteenth century by John Reeves and his son, and now housed in the Natural History Museum, these outstanding images are important not only for their striking beauty but also for their scientific significance. Colour illustrations, 12pp. 2011

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • Wild Bird Photography: National Audubon Society Guide
    Wild Bird Photography: National Audubon… by Tim Fitzharris

    One of America's finest bird photographers gives detailed advice on how to get the best out of your camera with hints on equipment selection the secrets of exposure picture composition & much more. Colour photographs, 112pp. 1996

    Paperback £16.50 Buy Now
  • Nature Photography: A National Audubon Society Guide
    Nature Photography: A National Audubon… by Tim Fitzharris

    An extremely important reference for all wildlife photographers, full colour photographs, 168pp. 1996

    Paperback £16.50 Buy Now
  • Breaking Ice
    Breaking Ice by Jan Vermeer

    Documents the expansive polar regions of the earth. Dutch photographer Jan Vermeer, with a great deal of patience and a stong feeling for contrast, has captured the macro and micro facets of nature to make the public conscious of natures beauty and the fact that we need to treat it with care. Colour photographs, 192pp. 2010

    Paperback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Drawing Nature
    Drawing Nature by Agathe Ravet-Haevermans

    Perfect guide for those who love to draw and paint with watercolours. Guides you through how to approach a variety of plants, animals and insects using different materials including lead pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal and watercolour paint. Packed with illustrated examples, advice, helpful tips and step by step instructions. 120pp. 2011

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • The Ape in Myth & Art
    The Ape in Myth & Art by Zuckerman, Solly

    A limited edition publication celebrating the role played by apes and monkeys in art and literature through the ages. Written by Lord Solly Zuckerman, and completed just before his untimely death, the book reveals his love of these animals and their appearance in paintings, books and legend over many centuries. Their important place in human history is recorded faithfully in this colourful publication which will appeal to anyone who shares Solly Zuckerman's fascination with our closest of animal relatives. Colour paintings, black and white drawings, 150pp. 1998

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • Sketches of Dean's Birds
    Sketches of Dean's Birds by John Christian

    This title is unique in that no work has hitherto been devoted specifically to the Forest of Dean, which is ecologically distinct from the rest of Gloucester. Consists of a series of essays, each devoted to a species of bird consisting of descriptions, numerical status, where they may be encountered in Dean ecologically, historical details and personal observations. Sketches, 191pp. 2000

    Paperback £12.50 Buy Now
  • Wild in Europe
    Wild in Europe by Renso Tamse

    Renso is a young master of the photorealistic style of painting, following in the footsteps of greats such as Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders. This title is a collection of paintings and sketches of wildlife encountered during his travels in Europe. Species include the familar mute swan to the elusive brown bear, lynx and wolf. 156pp. 2011

    Hardback £38.00 Buy Now
  • Painting Wildlife: Step by Step
    Painting Wildlife: Step by Step by Rod Lawrence

    Throughout this book you will benefit from the artist's years of wildlife painting experience. For example he will help you notice the way the hair and feather textures change on different parts of the animal's body through the seasons, and even according to the age of the animal. This book is full of easy to follow step by step demonstrations to help you create a range of wildlife textures. Colour illustrations, 144pp. 2011

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Drawing and Painting Birds
    Drawing and Painting Birds by Tim Wootton

    Aimed at beginners and experienced artists alike. 160pp. 2010

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Planet Arctic: Life at the Top of the World
    Planet Arctic: Life at the Top of the… by Wayne Lynch

    This coffee table book is celebration of Arctic wildlife. The text provides an overview of the arctic and its spectacular fauna and flora. Large colour photographs throughout. 256pp. 2010

    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Rare; Portraits of America's Endangered Species
    Rare; Portraits of America's Endangered… by Joel Satore

    A wildlife portfolio with a single, haunting theme - all the birds, beasts, flowers and reptiles are endangered species. This publication offers eloquent proof that a picture really is worth a thousand words as it shows us, one after another, uniquely remarkable and seriously threatened life forms. Colour photographs, 120pp. 2010

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • A Masterclass in Drawing & Painting Animals: Wildlife, Pets, Reptiles, Birds, Fish and Insects
    A Masterclass in Drawing & Painting… by Jonathan Truss, Sarah Hoggett

    Learn to produce lively studies in oils, acrylics, watercolours, pencils and charcoal. 2010

    Hardback £17.99 Buy Now
  • Raymond Sheppard: Capturing the Moment
    Raymond Sheppard: Capturing the Moment by A Haslen

    Raymond Sheppard's paintings and sketches had been in storage since his death in 1958, so his daughter Christine took on the task of cataloguing them herself. This book is a collaboration between author Andrew Haslen and Raymond Sheppard's family and is a permanent record of that collection, made before it was dispersed. 175pp. 2009

    Hardback £38.00 Buy Now
  • RSPB Guide to Digital Wildlife Photography
    RSPB Guide to Digital Wildlife… by David Tipling

    Discusses all aspects of digital wildlife photography from equipment, fieldcraft, locations and composition, post-processing and computer manipulation of images, through to getting your photographs published. Colour photographs, 176pp. 2nd edition 2010

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Atmosphere: Landscapes of the Falkland Islands
    Atmosphere: Landscapes of the Falkland… by Ian Strange, Georgina Strange

    Presents a series of images of the Falkland Islands to illustrate not only the quickly changing weather patterns but the variety of beautiful landscapes that are a dominant feature of these islands. Text is purposely limited, the intention being that the photographs speak for themselves. 80pp. 2005

    Hardback £18.99 Buy Now
  • Eric Ennion: A Life of Birds
    Eric Ennion: A Life of Birds -

    Eric Ennion first exhibited his watercolours in London in 1937 and went on to develop a highly individual style which influenced many younger artist. This book is a collection of his work and shows his ability to capture the essence of his subject. 80pp. 2003

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Eric Ennion: One Man's Birds
    Eric Ennion: One Man's Birds by Walthew (ed), B

    Illustrations produced by this popular bird artist. Colour illustrations. 140pp. 2004

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 20
    Wildlife Photographer of the Year:… -

    Featuring the best in wildlife photography from across the world, this 2010 collection celebrates the beauty, drama and diversity of nature. Contains all the winning and commended photographs of the 2010 competition. 2010

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now

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