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Travel & Maps - Australasia

  • Wildlife Travel25% OFF
    Wildlife Travel by William Gray

    The author has spent over 25 years tracking down the world's best wildlife experiences. In Footprint's Wildlife Travel, he shares these encounters, taking you on a global safari. From whale-watching in North America to camping on an African safari and tracking tigers in India.

    Wildlife Travel will help you plan and enjoy the best of the world's wildlife adventures, enabling you to get closer than you ever imagined to the world's greatest wildlife.

    Paperback £14.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Where to Find Birds in Far North New Zealand25% OFF
    Where to Find Birds in Far North New… by Detlef Davies

    This handy little book fills an important niche for birdwatchers in New Zealand. Provides detailed instructions on finding good birding sites.

    Paperback £14.99 RRP: £19.99Buy Now
  • Australia: The Beautiful Land
    Australia: The Beautiful Land by Bruce Elder

    120 colour photographs. New Holland

    Hardback £15.00 Buy Now
  • Australian Wildlife
    Australian Wildlife by Stella Martin

    This title offers essential information, from biology to behaviour of Australia's unique species in one handy, readable guide. The author guides visitors though dense rainforest and across parched deserts to discover how bizarre creatures evolved in isolation. Find out why some fish change sex and how thorny devils drink.

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Field Guide to the Wildlife of New Zealand
    Field Guide to the Wildlife of New… by Julian Fitter

    This comprehensive guide covers most of the birds, many of the other vertebrate species and a large number of typical invertebrates and flora to be found in New Zealand.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Australia (Insight Guide)
    Australia (Insight Guide) by Jessy Dennis

    A wealth of information including travel hints & advice with maps to help the independent traveller. Much on history, people, wildlife & sites of interest.

    Paperback £15.99 Buy Now
  • Lonely Planet: Victoria
    Lonely Planet: Victoria by Mark Armstrong, Chris Rowthorn
    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • All-Weather Sketch Book
    All-Weather Sketch Book -

    A little rain won't prevent you from capturing every detail and nuance on the pencil friendly 'Rite in the Rain' surface.

    - £9.99 Buy Now
  • Travel Journal Kit
    Travel Journal Kit -

    This kit comprises a Condura Cover, All Weather Writing Paper Travel Journal and an all Weather Pen

    - £29.99 Buy Now

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