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Economy and Ecology of Heathlands

edited by W. Herbert Diemont, Wim J.M. Heijman, Henk Siepel, Nigel R. Webb

Economy and Ecology of Heathlands
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Heathlands in Europe reflect a long history of human activity and use. Through the ages heathlands have been of importance as (semi)agricultural areas, hunting territories and various other uses of mankind. This diversity of use has created a cultural diversity over the whole Atlantic area of Europe, from Portugal and Spain in the south to Norway in the north and from Germany in the east to Ireland in the west. 'Economy and ecology of heathlands' shows us both the diversity in use all over Europe and combines this information with the newest insights in ecology and the Natura 2000 status most of these heathlands have got nowadays. Central theme is how to cover the costs of maintenance of these heathlands. Is their future in new types of commons, or do other types of land ownership, using the revenues of heathland ecosystem services, give better opportunities? The editors combine a broad variance in knowledge of heathlands varying from all aspects of ecology, land use, as well as economy.


  • ISBN: 9789050114615
  • Editor(s): W. Herbert Diemont, Wim J.M. Heijman, Henk Siepel, Nigel R. Webb
  • Stock Code: 0114615
  • Format: Hardback
  • Illustrations: Colour illustrations
  • Pages: 464
  • Published: 2013
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