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Wild Hope; On the Front Line of Conservation Success

by Andrew Balmford

Wild Hope; On the Front Line of Conservation Success
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Organised geographically, each chapter taking readers to extraordinary places to meet conservation's heroes and foot soldiers, and to discover the new ideas they are generating about how to make conservation work on our hungry and crowded planet.

The journey starts in the floodplains of Assam, where dedicated rangers and exceptionally tolerant villagers have together helped bring Indian rhinos back from the brink of extinction. In the pine forests of the Carolinas, we learn why plantation owners came to resent rare woodpeckers' and what persuaded them to change their minds.

In South Africa, how invading alien plants have been drinking the country dry, and how the Southern Hemisphere's biggest conservation program is now simultaneously restoring the rivers, saving species, and creating tens of thousands of jobs. The conservation problems are as diverse as the people and their actions, but together they offer common themes and specific lessons on how to win the battle of conservation, and the one essential ingredient, Balmford shows, is most definitely hope.



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