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Tiger Jungle: The Epic Tale of Bandhavgarh

by Iain Green

Tiger Jungle: The Epic Tale of Bandhavgarh
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The world of the tiger is in turmoil, latest research shows that the entire poplation in India may be lower than 2000 and decreasing. Hidden away in Central India, Bandhavgarh is one of the last surviving tiger habitats. Central to this story is Sundar, who, over ten years of study, is followed from a year old cub to dominant territorial male, father and grandfather of many young. The intertwining history of Bandhavgarh and tigers is a long one and as Sundar walks through the jungle habitat made famous by Kipling's Jungle Books, his daily journey takes him over the remains of lost civilisations, his pugmarks imprinting on the soft sandy soil marked by generations of tigers over many years.



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