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Crossbill Guide: Iceland

Crossbill Guide: Iceland
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Iceland is often referred to as the land of fire and ice, but it is just as much the land of birds and orchids. Their numbers run into the millions, vastly outnumbering the people of this sparsely populated, wild land. Iceland is also the land of whales, seals and dolphins, and the haunt of the lone and skinny Arctic Fox, skulking the fjord slopes in search of prey. In fact, Iceland could best be called the land of the naturalist and nature lover, who will be overwhelmed with wildlife, all of course in a setting of volcanic fire and glacial ice. From bird-packed sea cliffs to highland desert and from coastal marshes to the white expanses of the icecaps, Iceland is a spectacle for anyone with an interest in nature. This guidebook will take you to the best places to see, birds, wildflowers and sea mammals, to explore the spectacular geology and fascinating ecology of Iceland.


  • ISBN: 9789491648038
  • Stock Code: 1648038
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illustrations: Colour photographs
  • Pages: 264
  • Published: 2014
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