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Darwin in Scotland; Edinburgh, Evolution and Enlightenment

by J F Derry

Darwin in Scotland; Edinburgh, Evolution and Enlightenment
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The first book on Darwin and Darwinism that concentrates wholly on his time spent in Scotland and the key contributions to his future insights made by the Scottish Enlightenment and the University of Edinburgh. If he had bypassed Scotland and gone straight to Cambridge, his education would have been theologically based and unlikely to have given him the perspective that led him to question the prevailing doctrine.

The book also explores the subsequent impact of his work on modern day biologists at the University of Edinburgh. How far have we moved on since Darwin made his discoveries? Are his theories still relevant to modern day science? Can we say if they will be relevent in the future? And what should we be teaching future generations?

Provides introductory notes to both academic and non-academic topics and delves deeper into subject areas without becoming inaccessible to the lay reader.



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