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  • Chris Packham's Back Garden Nature Reserve
    Chris Packham's Back Garden Nature… by Chris Packham

    Explains the best ways to attract wildlife to gardens and encourage it to stay there. Written in a light hearted yet passionate and authoritative style, the guide challenges popular notions of 'weeds' and 'pests' and invites gardeners to think again about the choices they make.

    Paperback £12.99 Info
  • RSPB Gardening for Wildlife
    RSPB Gardening for Wildlife by Adrian Thomas

    This book busts the myths that wildlife gardens have to be wild, or that you can only garden for wildlife in a 'wildlife garden'. It shows how easy it is to incorporate wildlife gardening alongside everything else you want from your garden.

    Hardback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Garden Pests of Britain and Europe
    Garden Pests of Britain and Europe by Michael Chinery

    Information guide to the pests in your garden and how to find them.

    Hardback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Garden Plants Valuable to Bees
    Garden Plants Valuable to Bees by IBRA

    The importance of garden plants yielding nectar and pollen is that together they provide a continuous food supply, from willows and crocus in early spring to ivy in late autumn. Once available from pastures that came into flower before they were cut, verges and hedgerows and abundant weeds. Today's agriculture has greatly reduced these resources but gardens designed for ease of management are now valuable in providing day to day food supplies. 2003 revised edition

    Paperback £7.50 Buy Now
  • The Fern Guide; A field guide to the ferns, clubmosses, quillworts and horsetails of the British Isles
    The Fern Guide; A field guide to the… -

    Will enable most beginners to identify the ferns, clubmosses, quillworts and horsetails encountered in the British Isles. Also includes commonly found hybrids.

    Paperback £8.50 Buy Now
  • Butterfly Gardening
    Butterfly Gardening by Jenny Steel

    As concern for our environment increases, gardeners are becoming ever more aware of the part that gardens can play in conservation. The average garden probably has 7 or 8 species of butterfly visiting each year, but with some thoughtful planting that number could go up to 20 or more. This book shows you what to grow and how to encourage them to breed.

    - £4.99 Buy Now
  • Gardening for Butterflies, Bees and Other Beneficial Insects
    Gardening for Butterflies, Bees and… by Jan Miller-Klein

    by Jan Miller-Klein

    A practical dip into, easy to use guide, with all the latest information about our disappearing insects. Advice on which plants to use, and how to identify the most useful and beautiful insects that may come to your garden. Plans to copy, from patio pots to garden borders and green roofs.

    Paperback £19.95 Buy Now
  • Wildlife Ponds: How to Create a Natural Looking Pond to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden
    Wildlife Ponds: How to Create a Natural… by Jenny Steel

    Over half our 'natural' country ponds have been filled in, drained or sometimes polluted. This means that ponds in gardens now have a very special role where our native wildlife is concerned. Constructing a pond, however small, will contribute to the conservation of our native birds, animals, wildflowers and aquatic life.

    Paperback £3.50 Buy Now
  • Composting with Worms37% OFF
    Composting with Worms by George Pilkington

    Worm composting is becoming an increasingly important tool in the fight to elimate waste and reduce landfill. Includes chapters on how worms work, which worms to use, which bin is most suitable for your needs, the best uses for worm compost and much more fascinating information.

    Paperback £5.00 RRP: £7.95Buy Now
  • No Nettles Required: The Truth About Wildlife Gardens
    No Nettles Required: The Truth About… by Ken Thompson

    Including hard facts learnt during the author's work on the BUGS Project (Biodiversity in Urban Gardens in Sheffield), this book is full of useful information on how to make your garden play its part for wildlife.

    Many of the tips require very little effort and the book is written in a friendly and accessible fashion, debunking several myths on the way - such as the old one about wildlife gardens needing nettles.

    Paperback £7.99 Buy Now
  • Guide to Garden Wildlife
    Guide to Garden Wildlife -

    Detailed descriptions and information on the life history, behaviour and occurrence of the extraordinary variety of wildlife that can be found in gardens. General introduction to the ecology of the garden and its species as well as the latest thinking on improving gardens for wildlife.

    Paperback £12.95 Buy Now
  • English Flowers from Foreign Fields
    English Flowers from Foreign Fields by Adlam, Elizabeth

    The author traces the origins of present day English wild flowers. These include native plants surving the ice-ages, foreign introductions, hitch-hiking arrivals by transport, and those resulting from a change in agriculture. 16 colour and 34 b/w illustrations.

    Hardback £17.95 Buy Now
  • Gardening for Wildlife
    Gardening for Wildlife by George Pilkington

    The author illustrates how you can make your garden into a haven for wildlife, enticing birds and butterflies, hedgehogs, beneficial insects and many more interesting creatures onto your own land.

    Paperback £4.95 Buy Now

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