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Fungi Europaei, Strophariaceae s.l. Vol 13

by Machiel E Noordeloos

Fungi Europaei, Strophariaceae s.l. Vol 13
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Describes the history and the classification of the Strophariaceae. Also includes molecular phylogenetic studies and morphological characters used for delimitation of taxa. This volume deals with the species of the genera: Stropharia, Leratiomyces, Hemistropharia, Hypholoma, Deconica, Psilocybe, Pholiota, Flammula, Hemipholiota, Kuehneromyces, Meottomyces, Phaeonematoloma In addition there are notes on species with limited information that are therefore usually excluded. Text in Italian and English. Illustration type: Colour photographs, B/W micrographs, keys, 648pp. 2011



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