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Listen to the Trees

by Don MacCaskill

Listen to the Trees
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Trees are surely the supreme example of a life force stronger than our own, wrote author, Don MacCaskill. Some, like the giant redwoods of North America, live for thousands of years. Some, like our own oaks and pines, may live for centuries. All, given the right conditions, will regenerate their species and survive long into the future.

One of Scotland's foremost naturalists and wildlife photographers reflects on his early years in Kilmartin in Argyllshire. We learn of his awakening interest in man's relationship with the wildlife around him - why was it necessary to kill it?

This book is an account of his first year at Ardgarten, as a young forester newly out of college. Full of enthusiasm and confidence, he thought he knew everything and there was many an occasion when he had to discover that he didn't! An honest and often humorous account of forestry in the days after the Second World War, this early career in forestry revealed an inborn love of trees that flourished and became his life.



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