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The Greater Flamingo (Poyser monograph)

by Alan Johnson, Frank Cezilly

The Greater Flamingo (Poyser monograph)
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With their curious feeding behaviour, peculiar elongated body, gregarious social lives and exotic pink plumage, flamingos are among the most familiar and popular of all the worlds birds. They have inspired artists, poets and amateur naturalists for centuries, but until 50 years ago very little was known about their biology. However, a growing number of biologists have turned their attention to these magnificent birds over recent years.

This title summarises our current understanding of flamingo biology , with detailed discussions of population dynamics, evolution and systematics, migration and movements, feeding, reproductive biology and conservation, with emphasis placed on the authors' work on the famous flamingo population in the Camargue region of southern France. There is also a detailed inventory of breeding areas throughout the range, an an outline of future challenges for research.



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