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Birds Talk

by Edward Cowie

illustrations by Edward Cowie

foreword by Bill Oddie

Birds Talk
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Ever wondered why herons have such long necks and big feet, why woodpeckers spend so much time 'headbanging', why sparrowhawks are so sneaky or why rooks have such great gang-fests in the winter? Let the birds tell you themselves. A selection of common birds have their say, not without critisism for the 'Hooman' race, but not without praise either.


  • ISBN: 9780954469009
  • Author(s): Edward Cowie
  • Illustrator(s): Edward Cowie
  • Foreword: Bill Oddie
  • Stock Code: 4469009
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illustrations: Colour illustrations
  • Pages: 204
  • Published: 2003
  • Categories:

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