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The Hen Harrier: In the Shadow of Slemish

by Don Scott

The Hen Harrier: In the Shadow of Slemish
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by Don Scott

The hen harrier is one of the iconic species of the bird world and its history is a mix of controversy, persecution and recent patchy recovery. This is a dedicated study of the hen harrier in Northern Island over two decades. It provides a detailed account of the life, habits and prospects for this bird. Presents new information about the harrier in its continuing struggle to re-establish its hold despite high levels of persecution from man or predators of the species.

Having spent thousands of hours over many years studying these birds, the author was rewarded by the discovery that this ground nesting species was nesting in tall conifers in the forests of County Antrim - the only country throughout their vast European range where this occurs annually. Other significant finds soon became apparent as did the discovery that red kites were nesting for the first time and marsh harriers had returned to nest for the first time in almost 200 years. The author's passion for the bird is obvious as he shares moments of excitement and sadness, and he speaks frankly about the maltreatment and mismanagement of this elegant raptor over the years.



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