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Remarkable Birds

by Stephen Moss

Remarkable Birds
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'This amazing book is not just for bird lovers, as almost everyone will appreciate the stunning photographs of these beautiful and majestic creatures'. Leicestershire & Rutland Life, Derbyshire Life and Hertfordshire Life.

Birders worldwide were asked to nominate the top 100 favourite birds in their country and why. The responses included contributions from people from major organisations, such as Audubon and BirdLife, as well as individual birdwatchers. This formed the ranking for the 100 birds in this book.

These include the most glamorous or extraordinary birds, from the common to the less well known, from penguins to hummingbirds and toucans to cranes.

A quirky design and gift format give this bird book a distinctive edge. Beautiful photos support fascinating text, which explores the cultural associations and conservation stories of our favourite species, and what exactly makes them special.



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