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Bill Oddie Unplucked

by Bill Oddie

Bill Oddie Unplucked
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When Bill Oddie was growing up one of his favourite books was a collection of essays called The Bird-Lover's Bedside Book. His new book, Bill Oddie Unplucked, is just that sort of book. It contains 50 of Bill's essays, magazines articles and blogs, designed to be read in any order you want, with each tale short enough to allow you to dip into something new every time you pick up the book, whether you choose to read it in bed, on the way to work, during your lunch break, in the doctor's waiting room, or on the loo. Representing some of the very best of his writing and general musings of the last twenty years, Bill Oddie Unplucked is generously illustrated with Bill's own whimsical if artistically primitive drawings. Inside these pages you'll find tales of Bill trespassing in a nunnery, being terrified by a Tiger, wading in sewage, paddling with dinosaurs, slagging off the government, and nearly drowning in both Costa Rica and the Seychelles. There are, of course, some stories about birds.

From a press trip to the Galapagos to encounters with orcas in Argentina, the presenter and ex-Goodie reminisces about a life of globetrotting and animal-watching.” – The Daily Telegraph

“Written in his witty and inimitable style, this enthralling book is also illustrated throughout with Bill's charming and comic line drawings.” – Birdwatch magazine

“A great read, helping birding continue its rise and rise.” – Birdwatching magazine

“Engaging, funny and, surprisingly often, thoughtful.” – BTO News

“This genuinely inventive and much-travelled naturalist mines his rich archive of experience.” – BBC Wildlife magazine

“As you would expect, there is a lot of humour in his wanderings and wonderings around the world.” – Birdwatching magazine

“Witty, entertaining, educational and essential - words of passionate wisdom.” – Chris Packham

“This book is Bill Oddie personified... not short, stocky and with a beard, but beligerent, hilarious and eclectic.” – Mike Dil


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