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Designing for Biodiversity; A Technical Guide for New and Existing Buildings

by Kelly Gunnell, Brian Murphy, Carol Williams

Designing for Biodiversity; A Technical Guide for New and Existing Buildings
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The built environment has the potential to have a major impact on biodiversity, not least with the increasingly demanding requirements to design more energy efficient and airtight buildings, leaving less space for species to inhabit. The construction industry has an important role to play in ensuring that buildings are designed and refurbished in a way in which biodiversity can be enhanced.

Through written guidance and architectural drawings, this book advises on how to incorporate provision for biodiversity within developments. With sections on different building-reliant species, general principles for design, ready-made products that can be incorporated into designs, and legislation, policy and regulations, this book is an invaluable resource for all architects, ecologists and anyone involved in designing or briefing for biodiversity in buildings.

This new edition has a new section on designing for biodiversity in existing buildings, including retrofit projects, many new architectural drawings, case studies that illustrate the key principles throughout the book, common pitfalls and important messages for architects and new ready-made projects which have come onto the market since the first edition.



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