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Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds; Pterodroma Petrels

by Bob Flood, Ashley Fisher

illustrations by Martin Elliott

Multimedia Identification Guide to North Atlantic Seabirds; Pterodroma Petrels
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This identification guide on the Pterodroma petrels of the North Atlantic is the culmination of many years of at-sea observations by the authors. It is the second in what is planned to be a four-part series on regular and vagrant bird species of the North Atlantic. Amongst the species and taxa covered are the Trindade Petrel, Kermadee Petrel, Atlantic Petrel, Great-winged Petrel, Bermuda Petrel, Black-capped Petrel, Soft-plumaged Petrel, Cape Verde (Fea's) Petrel, Desertas (Fea's) Petrel, and Zino's Petrel. The book is accompanied by 2 DVDs with 130 minutes of both at-sea footage and, for some species, in-hand and at-colony footage. The DVDs follow the contents of the book, allowing cross-referencing, and form an excellent preparation for a sea watch or a pelagic trip. Illustration type: Colour photographs, Maps, 316pp. 2013


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