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Growing Barn Owls in my Garden

by Paul Hackney

Growing Barn Owls in my Garden
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The author describes his many encounters with barn owls, from the acquisition of his first breeding pair, 'Barney', a completely humanised owl, to stories of the fascinating array of people involved in releasing, studying, and simply marvelling at this beautiful bird. Although there is a funny side to most situations, there are also the inevitable disasters and disappointments of conservation work, such as the accidental or deliberate sabotaging of releases or the killing of released birds.

The reader shares the author's disappointment and frustration at the sheer cost in time and money and his frequent self doubt about the success of the whole exercise. However, there are descriptions of more enjoyable activities such as bird ringing, watching home grown birds metamorphose from ugly pink scraps into creatures of ethereal beauty, and the seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm of countless landowners and volunteers who are totally committed to the reintroduction of the barn owl.

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