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Ornithology - World General

  • Handbook of the Birds of the World Special Volume: New Species and Global Index21% OFF
    Handbook of the Birds of the World… -

    This special volume covers and illustrates all species that are new to the series, 57 in total, with texts, plates and distribution maps in typical HBW format. Also, in response to the many requests from subscribers over the years, the special volume includes a global index to the collection, an indispensable and useful tool which will enable users to quickly find the specific species they are looking for in the more than 12,500 pages of the 16 volumes.

    Hardback £98.00 RRP: £125.00Buy Now
  • Behind the Binoculars: Interviews with Acclaimed Birdwatchers
    Behind the Binoculars: Interviews with… by Mark Avery, Keith Betton

    How and why did our most acclaimed birdwatchers take up birding? What were their early experiences of nature? How have their professional birding careers developed? What motivates them and drives their passion for wildlife? How many birds have they seen? Mark Avery and Keith Betton, passionate birdwatchers and conservationists, interview members of the birdwatching community to answer these and many other questions about the lives of famous birdwatchers. They take you behind the scenes, and behind the binoculars, of a diverse range of birding and wildlife personalities. Behind the Binoculars includes interviews with: Chris Packham, Phil Hollom, Stuart Winter, Lee Evans, Steve Gantlett, Mark Cocker, Ian Wallace, Andy Clements, Mike Clarke, Debbie Pain, Keith Betton, Roger Riddington, Ian Newton, Steph Tyler, Mark Avery, Stephen Moss, Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, Rebecca Nason and Robert Gillmor.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Nightjars of the World: Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird and Owlet-nightjars25% OFF
    Nightjars of the World: Potoos,… by Nigel Cleere

    This is the ultimate identification guide to the nightjars, potoos, frogmouths, Oilbird, and owlet-nightjars of the world. Covering all 135 known species of these elusive and cryptically plumaged birds, this illustrated guide features more than 580 superb colour photographs depicting every species and many subspecies, including numerous images never before published. Photos of museum specimens are provided for birds for which no images in the wild exist, including species not seen since their original discovery.

    Hardback £26.00 RRP: £34.99Buy Now
  • Grebes of our world61% OFF
    Grebes of our world by Andre Konter

    As an ornithologist with a passion for grebes and their conservation, the author has travelled the five continents with the aim of observing and photographing all of the grebe species still in existence. This books tells the story of his observations, including his discovery of over 100 Hooded Grebe nests in the remote Argentine Patagonia, the experience of seeing one of the few remaining Madagascar Grebes and his observations of the last remaining, critically threatened Junin Flightless Grebes.

    Hardback £8.99 RRP: £23.50Buy Now
  • Top 100 Birding Sites of the World42% OFF
    Top 100 Birding Sites of the World by Dominic Couzens

    Top 100 Birding Sites of the World brings together a selection of the best places to go birdwatching on Earth. These are brought to life through the eloquent writing of Dominic Couzens and an array of stunning photographs. The sites are chosen for reasons ranging from having spectacular numbers of birds or species to experiencing amazing migration events and hosting rare or spectacular species. They span every continent and include famous locations from the Coto Donana and Manu to the Everglades alongside less well known but equally worthy destinations from Fiji and Kazakhstan to Gabon.

    Hardback £19.99 RRP: £35.00Buy Now
  • Heron Conservation50% OFF
    Heron Conservation by James A Kushlan, Heinz Hafner

    In the 15 years since the publication of 'The Herons Handbook' there has been a tremendous increase in our knowledge of heron conservation requirements. This book provides a comprehensive update on the status and conservation needs of herons and are presented on a regional basis. The very latest census and survey results provide the most up to date and detailed picture of heron populations currently available. As concern about the future of wetland habitat increases the local status of heron populations may reflect the success or failure of conservation action in wetlands.

    Paperback £22.50 RRP: £45.00Buy Now
  • Tales of Remarkable Birds
    Tales of Remarkable Birds by Dominic Couzens

    This title divides the world by continent and takes a series of extraordinary stories from each to illustrate a great diversity of bird behaviour. Each continent has 5 or 6 stories each described in 1,500 to 2,000 words and examining the truths and the mythology behind each example.

    Hardback £20.00 Buy Now
  • Raptors of the World; A Field Guide
    Raptors of the World; A Field Guide by James Ferguson-Lees, David Christie

    Uses all the plates from the Helm ID, Raptors of the World with a concise revised text on facing pages. Covers all 340 raptor species and has colour distribution map for each species.

    Paperback £29.99 Buy Now
  • Where to Watch Birds; World Cities
    Where to Watch Birds; World Cities by Paul Milne

    Covers over 60 major cities of the world in detail. Each city is described with an introduction, typical species that may be encountered and major sites for finding key species with full access details.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Hornbills of the World
    Hornbills of the World by P Poonswad, A Kemp

    Hornbills (order: Bucerotiformes) are a group of distinctive and charismatic birds found only in Tropical Asia and sub-saharan Africa. There are two families (bucorvidae and bucerotidae), 15 genera, 57 species and 75 subspecies; 32 species are in Asia and 25 species in Africa. They are mostly large in size and have long bills surmounted in many species by a conspicuous casque.

    Paperback £39.99 Buy Now
  • The Hawaiian Honeycreepers; Drepanidinae
    The Hawaiian Honeycreepers; Drepanidinae by H Douglas Pratt et al.

    Typified by nectar feeding, their bright colours and canary like song, Hawaiian Honeycreepers are considered one of the finest examples of adaptive radiation. Divided into two main sections, part one is an overview of their evolution and natural history, part two comprises of accounts of each species.

    Hardback £125.00 Buy Now
  • Raptor Watch; A Global Directory of Raptor Migration Sites
    Raptor Watch; A Global Directory of… by Jorje I Zalles, Keith L. Bildstein

    Raptors, including hawks, eagles, falcons and owls, are wide-ranging, land based predators found across a broad range of habitats on six continents. This comprehensive guide provides detailed accounts of 388 globally significant "watchsites" Organised by continent, more than eight hundred raptor experts document raptor species, migration periods, protection status, land use and monitoring activities.

    Hardback £37.00 Buy Now
  • Grouse of the World
    Grouse of the World by Richard Sale, Roald Potapov

    Explores grouse evolution and then looks at each of the 19 species, detailing distribution, habitat, plumage, subspecies, breeding, diet and conservation.

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Trogons; A Natural History of the Trogonidae
    Trogons; A Natural History of the… by Joseph M Forshaw

    A definitive natural history of the spectacularly beautiful tropical birds known as the trogons, a family that includes the legendary Replendent Quetzal, the sacred bird of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs.

    Hardback £89.99 Buy Now
  • Birds of the World; A checklist: English Name Index and Supplement No 1
    Birds of the World; A checklist:… by James F Clements, William L Principe

    This is a supplement to James F. Clement's Birds of the World - A Check List and consists of three parts. First is an English name index of every bird which appears in the main book (Fourth Edition) followed by an Addenda list of almost 20 new species. Finally there is a complete Errata list.

    Paperback £10.95 Buy Now
  • The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World; Volume 1 Non-passerines
    The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist… -

    A new edition of the major reference work and most respected scientific checklist of birds. Updated to reflect the change in our understanding of the evolution of birds derived from the study of their DNA. Also reflects revisions to species limits and includes newly discovered species and subspecies. Includes data CD-ROM.

    Hardback £60.00 Buy Now
  • HBW and Birdlife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World; Volume 1 Non-passerines
    HBW and Birdlife International… -

    In this Checklist, a modern, broad version of the Biological Species Concept (BSC) has been applied, with the aid of the scoring system to evaluate differences in morphology, vocalisations, ecology and geographical relationships published in Ibis by Tobias et al. (2010). For the non-passerines this has resulted in relatively few lumps -21 - but a much higher number of splits, 461 in total at the time of writing, compared with the taxonomy presented in the HBW series. Groups with major changes in species numbers included.



    Pre-publication offer price

    Hardback £170.00 Buy Now
  • Birds of the World; A Checklist
    Birds of the World; A Checklist by Jim Clements

    Based on Sibley and Monroe classification this sixth edition lists almost 10,000 species plus over 20,000 subspecies together with their best known English name, scientific name and a description of their world range. There is space to record the date and location of individual sightings making this a personalised birding journal.

    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Threatened Birds of the World
    Threatened Birds of the World by A J Stattersfield, David R Capper

    This book, produced in association with BirdLife International, covers all of the threatened species, almost 1,200 in total. Threatened Birds of the World divides into several sections, the first giving background information on the factors causing an increase in species at risk plus the criteria used to determine how endangered they are. The bulk of the book however concentrates on the birds themselves - showing those at risk, important statistics, distribution information (aided by clear maps) and excellent illustrations. All species are rated as critical, endangered or vulnerable with special attention being paid to the threats each species faces and the conservation efforts that are being taken to reverse their decline. There is a separate section for birds such as New Zealand's Laughing Owl which, although at a lower risk of extinction, are nevertheless still experiencing difficulties in sustaining their numbers. The final section divides the endangered birds into their respective territories, highlighting the regions where birds are experiencing the most difficulties. This full colour illustrated book would make an ideal gift (or personal treat!) as a welcome addition to any ornithologist's collection.

    Hardback £49.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 1 Ostrich to Ducks
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    This first volume covers the following families: ostrich; rheas; cassowaries; emu; kiwis; tinamous; penguins; divers; grebes; albatrosses; petrels & shearwaters; storm- and diving-petrels; tropicbirds; pelicans; gannets & boobies; cormorants; darters; frigatebirds; herons; hamerkop; storks; shoebill; ibises and spoonbills; flamingos; screamers; ducks, geese & swans.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 2 New World Vultures to Guineafowl26% OFF
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    Covers the families of New World vultures, osprey, hawks & eagles, secretarybird, caracaras & falcons, megapodes, chachalacas, guans & curassows, turkeys, grouse, New World quails, partridges & pheasants, and guineafowl. There are detailed family accounts, followed by concise species accounts with distribution maps.

    Hardback £133.99 RRP: £183.00Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 3 Hoatzin to Auks
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    This volume covers 30 families (including cranes, bustards, rails, gulls, terns and waders.

    Hardback £185.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 4 Sandgrouse to Cuckoos
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    This volume treats six families: sandgrouse; pigeons and doves; cockatoos; parrots; turacos; and cuckoos.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 5 Barn Owls to Hummingbirds
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    Covers all the owls, oilbird, frogmouths, nightjars and owlet-nightjars, potoos, swifts, treeswifts and hummingbirds. 75 colour plates by many leading bird artists and over 400 colour photographs.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 6 Mousebirds to Hornbills
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    This volume includes over 46 colour plates and 330 photographs of trogons, kingfishers, todies, motmots, bee-eaters, rollers, hornbills and other spectacular families of birds.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 7 Jacamars to Woodpeckers
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    Covers the orders Galbuliformes and Piciformes. Families covered include: Galbulidae (Jacamars), Bucconidae (Puffbirds), Capitonidae (Barbets), Ramphastidae (Toucans), Indicatoridae (Honeyguides), and Picidae (Woodpeckers).

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 8 Broadbills to Tapaculos
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    Covers the following families of the order passeriformes: Family Eurylaimidae (Broadbills); Family Philepittidae (Asities); Family Pittidae (Pittas); Family Furnariidae (Ovenbirds); Family Dendrocolaptidae (Woodcreepers); Family Thamnophilidae (Typical Antbirds); Family Formicariidae (Ground-antbirds); Family Conopophagidae (Gnateaters); Family Rhinocryptidae (Tapaculos).

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World ; Volume 9 Cotingas to Pipits and Wagtails
    Handbook of the Birds of the World ;… -

    Covers the following families: Family Cotingidae (Cotingas); Family Pipridae (Manakins); Family Tyrannidae (Tyrant-flycatchers); Family Acanthisittidae (New Zealand Wrens); Family Atrichornithidae (Scrub-birds); Family Menuridae (Lyrebirds); Family Alaudidae (Larks); Family Hirundinidae (Swallows); Family Motacillidae (Pipits and Wagtails).

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Volume 10 Cuckoo-shrikes to Thrushes
    Handbook of the Birds of the World;… -

    Covers the following families: Cuckoo-Shrikes, Bulbuls, Leafbirds,Fairy-Bluebirds, Ioras, Silky-Flycatchers, Waxwings, Hypocolius, Palmchats, Dippers, Wrens, Mockingbirds and Thrashers, Accentors, Thrushes.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol 14 Bush-shrikes to Old World Sparrows
    Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol… -

    Are the birds of paradise the most beautiful birds of all? Are the crows and jays the most intelligent? Volume 14 covers these families together with the popular and attractive groups of starlings, bowerbirds, drongos, bush-shrikes, vangas, sparrows and others. 50 colour plates, over 500 colour photographs, 484 distribution maps.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol 15 Weavers to New World Warblers
    Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol… -

    Covers Order Passeriformes, family Ploceidae (Weavers), family Viduidae (Whydahs and Indigobirds), family Estrildidae (Waxbills), family Vireonidae (Vireos), family Fringillidae (Finches), family Drepanididae (Hawaiian Honeycreepers), family Peucedramidae (Olive Warbler), family Parulidae (New World Warblers).

    Hardback £185.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol 16 Tanagers to New World Blackbirds
    Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol… by Josep del Hoyo et al.

    This is the last in the series and covers the last four families of the series, including two of the largest, the Tanagers and the Buntings and New World Sparrows along with the cardinals and the New World Blackbirds.

    Hardback £185.00 Buy Now
  • Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic
    Birds of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic by George E Watson

    The result of the author's first hand experience and observations during his expeditions and cruises to the Magellanic region, Drake's Passage, islands of the Scotia Ridge and the Antarctic Peninsula. Covers all species to be found in waters lands and islands south of latitude 55 degrees South, with details of plumage, voice, flight and habits, food, breeding and moult.

    Hardback £32.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of Waterfowl Identification37% OFF
    Handbook of Waterfowl Identification by Frank S Todd

    A handy-sized field guide covering all the world's wildfowl. Written by a recognised American authority on wildfowl & penguins the illustrations depict most races & sexual differences where dimorphism exists.

    Paperback £9.95 RRP: £15.95Buy Now
  • Encyclopedia of Birds; 2nd edition
    Encyclopedia of Birds; 2nd edition by Forshaw, John

    A magnificently illustrated definitive guide with a highly readable text containing thousands of facts by leading experts from around the world.

    Hardback £24.95 Buy Now
  • World Checklist of Threatened Birds
    World Checklist of Threatened Birds by WCMC

    The list follows Sibley & Monroe (1990) with genera & species arranged alphabetically within families. English names are primarily taken from Sibley and Monroe.

    Paperback £26.00 Buy Now
  • List of Recent Holarctic Bird Species
    List of Recent Holarctic Bird Species by K H Voous

    Systematic lists. 85 pages (1980 reprint).

    Paperback £7.00 Buy Now
  • National Birds of the World25% OFF
    National Birds of the World by Ron Toft

    Birds are one of the most popular and visible forms of all wildlife and are inextricably linked with the development of human cultures all around the world. Over the years some of the most eye-catching species of bird have been officially or unofficially adopted by countries as symbols of their national identity; there are now almost 100 national birds spanning every imaginable group from condors to parrots, trogons to frigatebirds. Both a comprehensive listing and guide book, this title provides a range of information from species data to how these birds have been used and abused through the ages. It recounts tales of how they came to be adopted and presents a wide range of official and cultural contexts where they appear from feathers in tribal costumes to stamps and currency.

    - £18.75 RRP: £25.00Buy Now
  • Seabirds on Islands: Threats, Case Studies and Action Plans
    Seabirds on Islands: Threats, Case… by Nettleship, et al

    The proceedings of the Seabird Specialist Group Workshop held in New Zealand in 1990. Contains summaries and analyses of worldwide seabird problems.

    Paperback £17.50 Buy Now
  • Shorebirds: An Identification Guide to Waders of the World
    Shorebirds: An Identification Guide to… by P Hayman et al.

    British Birds Best Bird Book of the Year 1986. Over 214 species described in detail with information on identification, voice, habits, races and much more.

    Hardback £40.00 Buy Now
  • Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol 12 Picathartes to Tits and Chickadees
    Handbook of the Birds of the World; Vol… -

    Covers the following families: Picathartes, Babblers, Parrotbills, Australasian Babblers, Logrunners, Jewel-babblers and allies, Whistlers, Australasian Robins, Fairywrens, Bristlebirds, Thirnbills, Australian Chats, Sitellas, Australasian Treecreepers, Tits and Chickadees.

    Hardback £183.00 Buy Now
  • HBW and Birdlife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World, Volume 2: Passerines
    HBW and Birdlife International… by Josep del Hoyo et al.

    Convenient totals for all extant and extinct taxa. Each species conveniently cross-referenced to the volume and page of treatment in the HBW series. Revised species names in French, German and Spanish, and other common names in English when appropriate. Colour-coded subspecies groups marked to highlight distinct forms and their relationships. Completely updated at the macrosystematic, genus, species and subspecies levels.

    Hardback £205.00 Buy Now

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