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The Birds of Buckinghamshire

edited by David Ferguson

The Birds of Buckinghamshire
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The Birds of Buckinghamshire is an excellent County Avifauna which is beautifully produced and illustrated: an absolute 'must have' for anyone interested in any aspect of Buckinghamshire birdlife. It appeals to both the experienced ornithologist and the occasional weekend or holiday birdwatcher who wants to learn more.

This title includes full status reviews of all the 294 species recorded in the county, including full colour maps comparing the status of each species from the last survey carried out in 1980 to its present status with 255 photographs taken within the county. Dates of all occurrences are provided for the rarer species.

A high-quality, full colour hardback book with 390 pages covering habitat, sites, a review of migration through the county, as well as a review of the changing nature of species and populations. Tables comparing the changes in arrival and departure dates and earliest arrival dates are provided as well as a review of the county garden bird survey.

Colour photographs, maps, graphs, 392pp. Revised and updated 2nd edition 2012

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