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Flight Identification of Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

by Dick Forsman

Flight Identification of Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
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Raptors are notoriously hard to identify, even if seen well. Contrary to expectation, it is actually easier to identify raptors in flight, rather than perched, and it is fortunate that most raptors are usually seen in flight! This will be the ultimate flight-identification guide to Western Palearctic raptors. It covers 60+ species compared to 40+ in the first edition, and goes to subspecific level wherever needed. The geographical area covered is Europe, North Africa, the Middle East including Arabia, and east to Central Asia. Like the first edition it will be a photographic guide with stunning images, most of which have been reserved for this book and have never been published before. The thorough text will cover every plumage and age in breathtaking detail, and each species will be illustrated with a range of photographs covering all the principal plumages.


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