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Reptiles & Amphibians

We offer a range of titles on reptiles and amphibians. Everything from a laminated chart to a field guide to amphibians and reptiles that you will find in your local area and on to field guides for further afield, we can help. Whether you simply wish to observe or want to learn how to study herpetology, we have something to fulfil your requirements

  • Seahorses and Seadragons: Mysteries of the Ocean64% OFF
    Seahorses and Seadragons: Mysteries of… by Catherine Wallis

    The seahorse is one of nature's most startling creations. To the ancient Greeks and Romans who found them washed up on the shore after storms they pulled the chariot of Neptune. Even to us today they seem out of this world. It is a fish but has the head of a horse, its fins move so fast they are almost invisible, it has a tail, but a curly one, like a monkey. There are up to 1000 species worldwide ranging in size from half an inch to twelve inches. New discoveries are still being made and the seahoese map is yet to be fully drawn.

    Hardback £4.99 RRP: £13.95Buy Now
  • Snakes of the Arabian Gulf and Oman33% OFF
    Snakes of the Arabian Gulf and Oman by M D Gallagher

    The first compact and authoritative guide to the 21 species of land snake and 9 species of sea snake known to occur in the area. Highlights the dangerous species giving advice on how to avoid being bitten but what to do if you are. Essential for all residents and visitors.

    Paperback £2.50 RRP: £3.75Buy Now
  • Snakes of Southern Africa54% OFF
    Snakes of Southern Africa by Johan Marais

    Fold out laminated colour identification chart to dangerous and common harmless snakes found in southern Africa. Also includes snake bite first aid treatment.

    Chart £4.50 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • ID Chart - Rocky Shores Name Trail
    ID Chart - Rocky Shores Name Trail by Mark Ward et al.

    This 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of common seashore animals and plants will help you to identify some of the flora and fauna that you are most likely to see.

    Laminated chart £3.00 Buy Now
  • ID Chart - Reptiles and Amphibians
    ID Chart - Reptiles and Amphibians by Froglife

    This 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of Reptiles and Amphibians includes British and Irish newts, frogs, toads, lizards and snakes.

    Laminated chart £3.00 Buy Now
  • A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia
    A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia by Steve Wilson, Gerry Swan

    Explores the rich diversity of Australia's reptiles and provides identification to crocodiles, sea turtles, lizards, skinks, dragons, goannas, blind snakes, pythons, file snakes, colubrid snakes, terrestrial elapids, sea snakes and sea kraits. Illustration type.

    Paperback £25.99 Buy Now
  • Field Guide to Australian Reptiles
    Field Guide to Australian Reptiles by Stephen Swanson

    Perfect for both amateur reptile enthusiasts and experienced herpetologists. Teaming full-colour photographs and biological information to accurately identify reptiles, with information on the creatures diet, habitat and reproduction.

    Paperback £34.99 Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to the Reptiles of South-East Asia
    A Field Guide to the Reptiles of… by Das Indraneil

    Covers all the reptiles recorded from mainland South-East Asia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia to Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia, and the islands of the Great Sundas, including Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Bali. Provides a detailed account of key identification characteristics, habitat and behaviour for each species.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Snake Species of the World Vol 1 A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference
    Snake Species of the World Vol 1 A… by Roy W McDiarmid et al.

    This volume covers 681 species distributed among 15 families, as follows: SCOLECOPHIDIA: Leptotyphlopodae, Anomolepidae and Typhlopidae; ALETHINOPHIDIA: Anomochilidae, Uropeltidae, Cylindrophiidae, Aniliidae; MACROSTROMATA: Xenopeltidae, Loxocemidae, Pythonidae, Boidae (Boinae, Erycinae), Bolyeriidae, Tropidophiddae and CAENOPHIDIA: Acrochoridae and Colubrpodea Viperidae (Azemiopinae, Causinae, Crotalinae, Viperinae).

    Hardback £80.00 Buy Now
  • Freshwater Megaloptera and Neuroptera of Britain and Ireland
    Freshwater Megaloptera and Neuroptera… by J M Elliott

    The aquatic Neuropera and Megaloptera (alderflies, Lacewings and spongeflies) are low in species diversity and yet fascinating and important elements of the freshwater fauna. This title is a key to identification with ecological notes summarising our knowledge of these fascinating animals. 5th edition

    Paperback £19.00 Buy Now
  • A Complete Guide to the Frogs of Southern Africa
    A Complete Guide to the Frogs of… by Louis du Preez, Vincent Carruthers

    Covers all aspects of both frog and tadpole biology and behaviour. Each frog and toad species is fully described along with conservation status, calls, habitat and behaviour. Detailed key, Includes call sonograms and a CD containing most southern African frog calls.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Britain's Reptiles and Amphibians
    Britain's Reptiles and Amphibians by Howard Inns

    This book includes profiles of the 16 native reptiles and amphibians that breed in Britain, 5 marine turtles that visit our seas, 7 established non-native species and 8 more with a history of release or escape. There are introductory sections on the biology and conservation, taxonomy, life cycle, and behaviour of each species group.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Old World Vipers: A Natural History of the Azemiopinae and Viperinae
    Old World Vipers: A Natural History of… by Tony Phelps

    This comprehensive book reflects the author's decades of experience of Old Vipers but also mentions pitvipers as they share many attributes with true vipers. The detailed species accounts illustrate the diversity of Old World Vipers, while providing important information on distribution, taxonomy, behaviour and ecology.

    Hardback £78.00 Buy Now
  • A Photographic Guide to Snakes, Other Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa
    A Photographic Guide to Snakes, Other… by Branch, Bill

    Covers 260 of the most common species of snakes, lizards, skinks, chamaeleons, terrapins and amphibians.

    Paperback £7.99 Buy Now
  • Turtles of the World
    Turtles of the World by Dupre, Alain et al.

    A complete guide to the world's 300 species of turtles, from the familiar terrapins basking on a log to the majestic long lived giant tortoise. The authors reveal intimate, little known details of these intriguing reptiles in their native habitats, what they eat, where they live, how they behave and when and where they lay their eggs.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • A Guide to the Reptiles of Southern Africa
    A Guide to the Reptiles of Southern… by Graham Alexander, Johan Marais

    Introduces the 517 species currently known in the region. Arranged into three main groups - snakes and lizards, crocodiles and shelled reptiles. Discusses reptile identification, diversity, biology, distribution patterns and where to find and observe them.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • The Book of Shells A lifesize guide to identifying and classifying six hundred shells
    The Book of Shells A lifesize guide to… by M G Harasewych, Fabio Moretzsohn

    This lavishly illustrated volume offers a visually stunning guide to 600 shells, each chosen to illustrate the diversity of shapes and sizes that occur across the range of species. Each shell is reproduced as its actual size in full colour and accompanied by an explanation of the shell's range, distribution, abundance, habitat and features.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • The Eponym Dictionary of Amphibians
    The Eponym Dictionary of Amphibians by Bo Beolens et al.

    The authors have tracked down 1,609 honoured individuals and composed for each, a brief, pithy biography. In some cases these are a reminder of the courage of scientists whose dedicated research in remote locations exposed them to disease and even violent death. The eponym ensures that their memory will survive.

    Hardback £34.99 Buy Now
  • The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles
    The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles by Bo Beolens et al.

    From Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti, the Florida cottonmouth subspecies named for Roger Connant, to Xantusia, the night lizard genera namesake of John Xantus, this dictionary covers everyone after whom an extant or recently extinct reptile has been named. Entries include a brief bio-sketch, a list of the reptiles that bear the individual's name, the names of reptiles erroneously thought to be associated with the person, and a summary of contributions made by the person to Herpetology and zoology.

    Paperback £52.00 Buy Now
  • Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica; A Pocket Guide
    Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica;… by Federico Munoz Chacon, Richard Dennis Johnston
    The perfect introductory guide to this diverse herpetofauna. Focuses on identification with a complete species list for the country and includes common names in both English and Spanish. Key identification marks are noted as well as adult sizes. Illustration type: Colour photographs, Colour illustrations, Maps, 170pp. 2013
    Paperback £9.50 Buy Now
  • Britain's Game Fishes; Celebration and Conservation of Salmonids
    Britain's Game Fishes; Celebration and… by Mark Everard, Paul Knight

    Provides an in depth natural history of each native salmonid species in the British Isles: Atlantic salmon, brown trout, sea trout, Arctic charr, grayling and whitefishes, along with the rainbow trout, a familiar alien species. The second section of the book details the pressures these fish face from human activites, habitat destruction and climate change and the cost to salmonid species of high seas fisheries, coastal and estuarine netting, angling and fish farming.

    Hardback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Amphibian Biology; Volume 11 Part 3: Status of Conservation and Decline of Amphibians: Eastern Hemis
    Amphibian Biology; Volume 11 Part 3:… -

    Amphibian species around the world are unusually vulnerable to a variety of threats, by no means all of which are properly understood. Volume 11 in this major series will be published in parts devoted to the causes of amphibian decline and to conservation measures in regions of the world. Part 3 is concerned with Western Europe (Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal). Experts from each country contribute a chapter describing the ecological background and the conservation status of affected species, with an emphasis on native species.

    Paperback £59.99 Buy Now
  • Amphibians and Reptiles
    Amphibians and Reptiles by Trevor J C Beebee

    Amphibians and Reptiles is a comprehensive guide to the native and non-native species of amphibian and reptile found in the British Isles. Professor Trevor Beebee covers the biology, ecology, conservation and identification of the British herpetofauna, and provides keys for the identification of adult and immature newts and newt eggs, larvae and metamorphs; frog and toad adults and metamorphs, spawn and larvae; adult and hatchling limbed lizards; and adult snakes.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now
  • Snakes of South-East Asia
    Snakes of South-East Asia by Indraneil Das

    A Naturalist's Guide to the Snakes of South-East Asia contains high quality photographs from the region’s top nature photographers, which are accompanied by detailed species descriptions including nomenclature, size, distribution, habits, and habitat.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • The Snakes of Europe
    The Snakes of Europe by Guido Kreiner

    Guide to all species and virtually all subspecies of snakes occurring within the zoogeographic boundaries of Europe. A series of brief introductory chapters discuss a number of topics including the origins, evolution, systematics, biology, ecology, venoms, conservation and captive care, followed by a section providing identification keys to the individual families and genera. The species accounts include information on characteristics, distribution, natural habitats and ecology, together with a list of key literature relevant to each species.

    Hardback £67.00 Buy Now
  • Amphibian Conservation; Global Evidence for the Effects of Intervention
    Amphibian Conservation; Global Evidence… -

    This book brings together and summarises the available scientific evidence and experience relevant to the practical conservation of amphibians. The authors consulted an international group of amphibian experts and conservationists to produce a thorough summary of what is known, or not known, about the effectiveness of amphibian conservation actions across the world.

    Paperback £29.99 Buy Now
  • Saving Sea Turtles: Extraordinary Stories from the Battle against Extinction
    Saving Sea Turtles: Extraordinary… by James R Spotila

    This is a complete overview of sea turtle biology, life cycles and the human and natural world threats they face. The author examines new methods and technologies humans are using to save them with stories of real life heroes who risk life and limb to understand, track and conserve sea turtles across the globe.

    Hardback £13.00 Buy Now
  • The Private Life of Adders
    The Private Life of Adders by Rodger McPhail

    The author has been observing and photographing them on his local moor in Lancashire for many years and reveals adders as never seen before. With photographs and succinct text he gives us an insight into this fascinating reptile.

    Hardback £14.99 Buy Now
  • The Crested Newt a dwindling pond-dweller
    The Crested Newt a dwindling pond-dweller by Robert Jehle et al.

    Covers the evolution, ecology, behaviour, conservation and management of British and European crested newts. Colour plates, black and white photographs and diagrams, figures, tables.

    Hardback £27.00 Buy Now
  • The Reptiles and Amphibians of Dorset.
    The Reptiles and Amphibians of Dorset. by David C Wareham

    A must read and excellent field guide for those interested in the natural history and conservation of the herpetology of Dorset.

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • The Little Blue Book. A Short History of the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana
    The Little Blue Book. A Short History… by Frederic J Burton

    Set on a small island in the Caribbean, this true story introduces you to the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, and a remarkably successful conservation programme. Spanning both natural and actual history, the author speaks of his own experiences as he fights to save the Blue Iguana and its wild, rocky habitat. An anecdote-packed read, based in a tropical paradise undergoing a transformation so profound that humans and wildlife are now in heartbreaking conflict. Here is a story of great hope.

    Hardback £13.50 Buy Now
  • Gardens: Their Hidden Life
    Gardens: Their Hidden Life by Colin Spedding

    by Colin Spedding

    Comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of the wildlife to be found right outside our back door. Gardens are most people's main opportunity to see an ecosystem at work. Even the smallest space contains a collection of both wild animals and plants. Yet we are often oblivious of the sheer richness of experience that our gardens can provide. Most of us do not expect to see anything they haven't built or planted.

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Reptiles and Amphibians of Qatar (Qatar Nature Explorer)
    Reptiles and Amphibians of Qatar (Qatar… by Frances Gillespie

    The Qatar Nature Explorer series offers a unique insight into Qatar's natural history and wildlife, and is an essential resource for schools and parents.

    Hardback £4.99 Buy Now
  • How Snakes Work; Structure, Function and Behavior of the World's Snakes
    How Snakes Work; Structure, Function… by Harvey B Lillywhite

    This title is the definitive scientific guide to the functional biology of snakes. Written for both herpetologists and a more general audience with an interest in this species.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles off Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
    Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other… by Merel Cox et al.

    Covers more than 220 species and subspecies. Key identification features, habitat, behaviour and distribution information for each species.

    Paperback £7.99 Buy Now
  • A Guide to the Birds, Mammals and Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands
    A Guide to the Birds, Mammals and… by Andy Swash, Robert Still

    Much has been written about these unique islands over the years, but this guide covers all the birds, mammals and reptiles in a single, pocket-sized book.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • Peterson Field Guide Western Reptiles and Amphibians
    Peterson Field Guide Western Reptiles… by Robert C Stebbins

    With more than 500 species and subspecies, this guide offers the most comprehensive treatment of reptiles and amphibians of western North America Includes 36 new species not found in the previous edition. Descriptions provides information to help with identification covering habitat, habits, breeding information, and survival status of threatened species.

    Paperback £13.99 Buy Now
  • Collins Field Guide Reptiles and Amphibians Britain & Europe
    Collins Field Guide Reptiles and… by E Nicholas Arnold

    Decribes in detail every species and distinct subspecies, with notes on range, size colour and markings, habitat and behaviour.

    Hardback £29.99 Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar
    A Field Guide to the Amphibians and… by Glaw, Vences

    Biology and description of all Malagasy amphibians and reptiles. Accounts distribution maps of 700 species. 3rd edition 2007

    Paperback £49.80 Info
  • Southern African Snakes and Other Reptiles: A Photographic Guide
    Southern African Snakes and Other… by Bill Branch

    Colour photos distribution maps & description of 244spp most likely encountered in the field.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Venomous Snakes of the World
    Venomous Snakes of the World by Mark O'Shea

    In depth descriptions of the world's most common and most exotic venomous snakes. Chapters that explain venomous snake evolution, types of venom, the effects of venom and the problems with snake conservation.

    Hardback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Pocket Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa
    Pocket Guide to the Reptiles and… by Stephen Spawls et al.

    Covers the most prominent 150 reptiles and 80 amphibians found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi with concise text, colour photographs and maps for each species.

    Paperback £14.99 Buy Now
  • Freshwater Fish in Britain - the Species and their Distribution
    Freshwater Fish in Britain - the… by Cynthia Davies et al.

    This is the first book to deal with the detailed occurrence of freshwater fishes in Britain and is aimed at the general naturalist. By describing the distribution, roles and significance of freshwater fishes in Britain, the authors intend to make them much better known and more attractive, and to raise awareness of the vunerability of some of our rare native species.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now
  • How Very, Very Nice!
    How Very, Very Nice! by Leon Hills

    Find out about the creatues that the frog feeds on and find the woodlouse, worm, ladybird and ant on each page.

    Hardback £6.00 Buy Now
  • How Very, Very Nice!
    How Very, Very Nice! by Leon Hills

    Find out about the creatues that the frog feeds on and find the woodlouse, worm, ladybird and ant on each page.

    Paperback £4.50 Buy Now
  • Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus Carcharhinus
    Field Guide for Sharks of the Genus… by Matthias Voigt, Dietmar Weber

    An identification key is given to determine and to differentiate the species. For each species an extended list of characters is given including coloured figures to show the lateral and ventral view, a detailed view of nostril and teeth, as well as some cases of juveniles and special characters. Colour plates, distribution maps, tables, 151pp. 2011

    Paperback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Amphibians and Reptiles of the Yucatan Peninsula
    Amphibians and Reptiles of the Yucatan… by Julian C Lee

    This splendidly illustrated book documents the natural history of all 181 native and introduced species of frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, lizards, turtles and crocodiles. All are illustrated with 211 colour photographs and 196 black and white illustrations, including all tadpoles. Audio- spectrograms are shown for most species of vocal frogs.

    Hardback £137.50 Buy Now
  • A Field Guide to Reptiles of New South Wales
    A Field Guide to Reptiles of New South… by Gerry Swan et al.

    Covers evevy gecko, flap-footed lizard, goanna, dragon, skink, snake and turtle known to live throughout the many habitats of New South Wales. This guide narrows down the field of species identification with descriptions of families, genera and species with clear line drawings and simple keys.

    Paperback £17.99 Buy Now
  • Amphibian Habitat Management Handbook
    Amphibian Habitat Management Handbook by John Baker et al.

    There are seven amphibians native to Great Britain. Of these, the great crested newt and common toad are Biodiversity Action Plan priorities. There are two rare amphibians; the natterjack toad and the northern pool frog. The natterjack is a conservation priority, hence a section of this title is dedicated to this species. The pool frog is currently subject to a reintroduction project and is not covered by the current handbook.

    Paperback £9.95 Buy Now
  • Snakes and Other Reptiles of Australia (Green Guide)
    Snakes and Other Reptiles of Australia… by Gerry Swan

    Information on a selected number of species & illustrated with 150 colour photographs.

    Paperback £7.99 Buy Now
  • Turtles and Tortoise of the World
    Turtles and Tortoise of the World by David Alderton

    Provides clear basic information on physiology, classification, habitat, life cycle and behaviour, giving an insight into the diversity of the species around the world.

    Hardback £26.95 Buy Now
  • Herpetofauna Workers' Manual
    Herpetofauna Workers' Manual -

    Covers surveying techniques, field identification, sexing and ageing, trapping, habitats, conservation, law, site assessment, translocation, and health and safety.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Handbook of Salamanders
    Handbook of Salamanders by S C Bishop

    Full biological details of the 126 species & subspecies to be found in the USA Canada & Lower California.

    Paperback £56.95 Buy Now
  • Reptiles & Amphibians (Expedition Field Techniques)
    Reptiles & Amphibians (Expedition Field… by Daniel Bennett

    This book written for students in Britain who are planning to work in the tropics, aims to outline methods that can be used in short studies of reptiles and amphibians. Sections on preparation, basic techniques, survey techniques and notes on reptiles habitats and equipment.

    Paperback £14.95 Buy Now
  • Tortoises, Terrapins and Turtles of Africa
    Tortoises, Terrapins and Turtles of… by Bill Branch

    Sub-Saharan Africa has 18 tortoises, 5 soft shelled terrapins, 18 side necked terrapins and 6 turtles. Discusses what they are, anatomy, habitats and behaviour. All species have a description along with distribution. Also a section on folklore and uses, relationships with mankind, threats and survival in captivity.

    Paperback £12.99 Buy Now
  • The Amphibians & Reptiles of Fife - A Provisional Atlas
    The Amphibians & Reptiles of Fife - A… by Anne-Marie Smout, Stewart Pritchard
    Paperback £3.00 Buy Now
  • National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles & Amphibians
    National Audubon Society Field Guide to… by Wayne King, John L Behler

    657 identification photographs of snakes, frogs, toads, lizards, turtles, salamanders and crocodiles plus detailed info on description, breeding, habitat and range.

    Paperback £16.00 Buy Now
  • A Photographic Guide to Snakes & other Reptiles of Australia
    A Photographic Guide to Snakes & other… by Gerry Swan

    Over 190 species illustrated by full-colour photographs.

    Paperback £10.99 Buy Now
  • Reptiles and Amphibians Eastern/Central North America (Peterson Field Guide)
    Reptiles and Amphibians Eastern/Central… by Roger Conant, Joseph T Collins

    Detailed descriptions of 595 species and subspecies.

    Paperback £13.99 Buy Now
  • Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature
    Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in… by Greene, Harry W.

    Written by a man who has an abiding passion for snakes this book provides an up-to-date summary of the biology of snakes on a global basis. Eight chapters are devoted to general biology & a further eight survey the major snake groups.

    Hardback £35.00 Buy Now

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