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  • Helm Birds of Ecuador
    Helm Birds of Ecuador -
    Paperback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Behind the Binoculars: Interviews with Acclaimed Birdwatchers
    Behind the Binoculars: Interviews with… by Mark Avery, Keith Betton

    How and why did our most acclaimed birdwatchers take up birding? What were their early experiences of nature? How have their professional birding careers developed? What motivates them and drives their passion for wildlife? How many birds have they seen? Mark Avery and Keith Betton, passionate birdwatchers and conservationists, interview members of the birdwatching community to answer these and many other questions about the lives of famous birdwatchers. They take you behind the scenes, and behind the binoculars, of a diverse range of birding and wildlife personalities. Behind the Binoculars includes interviews with: Chris Packham, Phil Hollom, Stuart Winter, Lee Evans, Steve Gantlett, Mark Cocker, Ian Wallace, Andy Clements, Mike Clarke, Debbie Pain, Keith Betton, Roger Riddington, Ian Newton, Steph Tyler, Mark Avery, Stephen Moss, Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, Rebecca Nason and Robert Gillmor.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • Australian Wildlife After Dark
    Australian Wildlife After Dark by Martyn Robinson


      Australia is a land of many unique animals, some of which are active only during the cooler evening and night-time and so are rarely seen. These are the after dark animals so widespread yet so little noticed by humans, whether in our backyards, the arid desert, woodlands or rainforest. Australian Wildlife After Dark brings this hidden fauna into the light. The after dark fauna includes a surprising diversity of familiar (and some not-so-familiar) species, from cockroaches, moths and spiders through to bandicoots, bats and birds – and then some. Each example is described in a unique, friendly style by Martyn Robinson, familiar to many Australians through his frequent media appearances on ABC Radio and in Burke's Backyard magazine, and Bruce Thomson, an internationally renowned wildlife photographer and bat researcher. Australian Wildlife After Dark includes stunning photography and boxes that highlight selected topics, such as the 'windscreen wiper' eyelids of geckoes and the strategies used by night-time plants to attract pollinators. Also included are practical tips on finding nocturnal wildlife, a glossary of scientific terms and a short bibliography.


    Paperback £21.95 Buy Now
  • 500 Butterflies From Around the World
    500 Butterflies From Around the World by Ken Preston-Mafham

    The perfect introduction to Lepidoptera in all their diversity. This handsome, well-illustrated guide features 514 butterflies from all continents, most of them photographed in their natural environment, sometimes with their caterpillars. Sales of 15,000 copies in hardcover is proof of its value. The butterflies are organized by genus, species and subspecies, and described in authoritative text including personal observations in the wild. Each entry is cross-referenced to the index and glossary. The description of each butterfly includes detailed information on: • Natural history • Habitat and distribution • Form • Behavior • Food and feeding • Species variations and taxonomy • Reproduction • Survival. This beautiful book is a joy for the pictures alone, and it is also very informative and reveals the author's passion for this subject. This is a concise and attractive introduction to these fascinating insects and a useful resource for butterfly enthusiasts and naturalists of all ages.


    Paperback £18.95 Info
  • Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
    Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and… by Hoyt, Erich

    In the Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises, award-winning author and whale researcher Erich Hoyt takes readers into the field for an intimate encounter with some 90 species of cetaceans that make their homes in the world's oceans. Drawing on decades of firsthand experience and a comprehensive familiarity with the current revolution in cetacean studies, Hoyt provides unique insights into the life histories of these compelling marine mammals. Here are discoveries about cetacean biology and behavior, from the physical differences and adaptations among the baleen and toothed whales to their highly intelligent hunting and feeding methods. The courtship and mating practices, family relationships and the lifelong bonds among some family members are fascinating. The symphonic composer of the whale world is the humpback whale, whose complex 30-minute songs reverberate across the liquid universe of the ocean. Some cetaceans survive deep diving and negotiate lengthy migrations across oceans. This book is a fascinating compilation of the latest data on cetaceans and an impassioned argument for the ongoing need for international protection of at-risk populations and their increasingly damaged habitat. Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises includes: • detailed profiles of 90 current species of cetaceans • a report on the newly discovered species in the genus Berardius, a small black form related to the Baird's beaked whale • fascinating sidebars that bring to life cetacean society and culture • an enlightening discussion of the differences between dolphins and porpoises • new information on the history and impact of whaling • illustrations of each species by renowned artist Uko Gorter • color photographs by world-famous marine photographer Brandon Cole, among others.

    Hardback £30.00 Buy Now
  • The New Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland, 1988-1991
    The New Atlas of Breeding Birds in… by David Wingfield Gibbons et al.

    576pp. 2018


    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • British Butterfly Guide (Collins Pocket Guide)
    British Butterfly Guide (Collins Pocket… by Tom Tolman

    Species are described and illustrated on the same page, with up-to-date authoritative text aiding identification. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 2015



    Paperback £12.99 Info
  • Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds; Passerines
    Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds;… by Hadoram Shirihai, Lars Svensson

    The most complete and comprehensive photographic guide to the avifauna of the Western Palearctic. Contains the most up to date information available on idenification, covering all aspects of plumage, moult, ageing, sexing, voice, habitat, seasonal and altitudinal movements, distribution and behaviour.

    DUE JULY 2016

    Hardback £130.00 Info
  • Birds Britannia; Why the British Fell in Love with Birds
    Birds Britannia; Why the British Fell… by Stephen Moss

    Birds and bird lore provides a fascinating window into our social and cultural history, and can tell us much about our changing relationship with the British landscape, our people and society. Focussing on some of our most beloved and charismatic birds, Stephen Moss explores their fascinating biology and their place in the evolving culture and history of British people. Delving into the world of sea birds, water birds, countryside birds and town and garden birds, weaving their stories together to tell four very different stories about the changing face of Britain, 320pp. 2019


    DUE APRIL 2019

    Paperback £8.99 Buy Now
  • Collins Pocket Guide; British Bird Guide
    Collins Pocket Guide; British Bird Guide by Lars Svensson et al.

    Species are described and illustrated on the same page, with up-to-date authoritative text aiding identification. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, 2015



    Paperback £12.99 Info
  • Helm Field Guide; Birds of Colombia
    Helm Field Guide; Birds of Colombia by Robin Restall, Steven L Hilty

    Covers over 1900 species, including residents and migrants and some vagrant species.

    DUE JANUARY 2018

    Paperback £29.99 Info
  • New Naturalist: Seaweeds
    New Naturalist: Seaweeds by Susan Scott, Christine Maggs

    320pp. 2019

    DUE 2019

    Hardback £50.00 Buy Now
  • New Naturalist: Seaweeds
    New Naturalist: Seaweeds by Susan Scott, Christine Maggs

    320pp. 2019

    DUE 2019

    Paperback £30.00 Buy Now
  • Shorebirds: An Identification Guide to Waders of the World
    Shorebirds: An Identification Guide to… by P Hayman et al.

    British Birds Best Bird Book of the Year 1986. Over 214 species described in detail with information on identification, voice, habits, races and much more.

    Hardback £40.00 Buy Now
  • Phillipps Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo
    Phillipps Field Guide to the Mammals of… by Quentin Phillipps, Karen Phillipps

    Covers Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and the Indonesian state of Kalimantan. Provides descriptions, taxonomy, size, range, distribution, habits and status of over 600 species. Illustration type: Colour illustrations, Distribution maps, 368pp. 2015



    Hardback £35.00 Info

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