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Welcome to the British Birds Journal page, on the Subbuteo Natural History Books website.

For the first time since December 2001, we are delighted to announce that the British Birds bookshop will be run by Subbuteo Natural History Books.

5% of all sales generated by British Birds subscribers, whether it is books reviewed in the journal, featured on its book page or listed on the Subbuteo website, will be paid to British Birds - and will directly support the production of the journal.

So however you order, please make sure you always quote S1590 (which will be located at the top the Subbuteo page in the journal).

e.g. for online orders, you can enter the code (in the media code box) at the point of order:

Enter code S1590 in the Media Code box

From this page you can:

And don't forget... if you have any problems finding what you are looking for, or need help and advice choosing the right book... please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on - 0870 010 9700

For further information about Subbuteo Natural History Books, please visit the About Us page.

Best wishes

Joy Enston (signature)

Joy Enston, Customer Services Manager

Subbuteo Natural History Books