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  • LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Nocturnal Lemurs: Pocket Identification Guide
    LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Nocturnal Lemurs:… by R A Mittermeier et al.
    The nocturnal pocket guide presents 65 species of lemurs - some of them only just described - from eight genera: Allocebus, Avahi, Cheirogaleus, Daubentonia, Lepilemur, Microcebus, Mirza and Phaner. It has been meticulously illustrated by primate artist Stephen Nash, and concludes with a checklist to its respective lemur taxa. Illustrations, maps, 20pp. 2008
    Paperback £6.99 Buy Now
  • LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Diurnal and Cathemeral Lemurs: Pocket Identification Guide
    LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR Diurnal and… by R A Mittermeier et al.
    This laminated pocket guide with illustrations to identify 34 species and individual maps for locating them is the tool to have on hand. In addition, you can use the checklist to note the location and date of the species you find. And it truly fits in your pocket. illustrations, 22pp. 2008
    Paperback £6.99 Buy Now

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