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  • Do Whales Get the Bends? Answers to 118 Fascinating Questions about the Sea50% OFF
    Do Whales Get the Bends? Answers to 118… by Tony Rice

    Using a question and answer format, this entertaining narrative addresses a multitude of general interest questions about the sea, sea life, seabirds and man's relationship with the sea. Do you ever wonder whether drinking seawater will drive you mad? Whether fish drink water or does anything eat jellyfish? This title will answer these and over 100 intriguing questions. B/w diagrams, 165pp. 2010

    Paperback £4.99 RRP: £9.99Buy Now
  • Deep Ocean50% OFF
    Deep Ocean by Tony Rice

    The deep reaches of the ocean harbour and extraordinary array of life. Eel-like fish, squid, shrimp, worms, snails, and starfish and a host of other creatures have been found to exist in and above the darkness of the muddy sea floor. Offers a compelling insight into this little known world. Colour photographs, 96pp. 2000

    Paperback £4.97 RRP: £9.95Buy Now

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