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  • A Last Wild Place
    A Last Wild Place by Mike Tomkies

    A Last Wild Place is much more than the chronicle of a man who left city life in order to study the wilderness. It is a celebration of nature at its most rugged and spectacular in all Britain. Like the enormous ageing salmon he threw back because he felt he had no right to claim its life, Mike Tomkies reveals through his quest our urgent need to become retuned to natural rhythms if mankind is to regain a measure of health and sanity in a world bent on self-destruction.

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  • Wildcat Haven
    Wildcat Haven by Mike Tomkies

    A captivating story by one of the UK's most celebrated nature writers will not only delight Mike's legions of fans but will also bring his work to the attention of a new generation at a time when the plight of the Scottish wildcat is increasingly featured in the media. Of great appeal to all who love wildlife, the natural world and the wildcat in particular.

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  • Rare, Wild and Free
    Rare, Wild and Free by Mike Tomkies

    A distilled masterpiece of Mike Tomkies' finest writings and wildlife photographs from the 20 years he spent in the remotest parts of the Scottish Highlands. Whether breeding wildcats, stalking them in the wild, looking after injured foxes, owls and badgers, feeding wild pine martens through his window, or spending thousands of hours in hides on precarious cliff ledges to gain insights into the secret lives of the golden eagle, this title gives a remarkable picture of the whole cycle of nature in an environment of unrivalled beauty. 150pp. 2008

    Paperback £18.99 Buy Now

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