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  • The Wildlife Quiz Book
    The Wildlife Quiz Book by Tim Sharrock

    Total of 1,500 questions to test the reader's knowledge of the animals and plants that are to be found on Planet Earth. They are arranged in sets of ten, and are graded as Easy, Moderate or Hard. The questions and the answers are often given in detail, so are full of fascinating facts to enlighten and intrigue. It will appeal to everyone interested in wildlife, from schoolchildren to amateur naturalists and even professional scientists. 150pp. 2014

    Paperback £9.95 Buy Now
  • Wildlife through the Year
    Wildlife through the Year by Tim Sharrock
    This book follows, season by season, Tim's observations, discoveries, excitements and speculations. From gardens in England to gorillas in Rwanda and whales in the Sea of Cortez, his enthusiasm for the natural world shines forth. This is the ideal bedside book, ready to be consumed in fifty bite-sized chapters. There are also 52 wildlife-themed puzzles and quizzes - one for every week of the year. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 160pp. 2014
    Paperback £9.95 Buy Now

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