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  • Preliminary Checklist to the Birds of the Republic of Bolivia
    Preliminary Checklist to the Birds of… by Steve West

    This checklist contains a total of 1108 species.

    Paperback £2.50 Buy Now
  • Flying Over the Pyrenees; Standing on the Plains
    Flying Over the Pyrenees; Standing on… by Steve West

    Part travelogue, part memoir, part ornithology, this is an engaging story of a young man seeking adventure and enlightenment in a foreign land.

    Driven by a lifelong love of birds and nature, this book will by turn entertain and inform. From flying kites with larks to necking with nightjars and soaring over the Pyrenees with lammergeyers, the author takes the reader on an intimate trip to the beautiful landscapes of Catalonia in northeast Spain and beyond.

    Paperback £8.99 Buy Now
  • Where the Birds are in Northeast Spain
    Where the Birds are in Northeast Spain by Steve West

    This is a birders' book written by a birder with extensive knowledge of the region. The emphasis is intentionally on the autonomous regions of Catalunya (Catalonia) and Aragon, only venturing into Navarra and Valencia either when there is an attractive site in close proximity to the border or when the site is particularly relevant for an interesting species. Rather than a traditional site guide, this is a species guide with a map of where you are likely to see them in this northeast region.

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now

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