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  • Flowers of the Norfolk Broads
    Flowers of the Norfolk Broads by Simon Harrap

    Details of over 100 of the most characteristic and charismatic plants of the Norfolk Broads. Information on habitat and distribution along with key identification features. Colour photographs, 80pp. 2010

    Paperback £8.99 Buy Now
    TITS NUTHATCHES & CREEPERS: AN… by Simon Harrap, David Quinn
    Covering all 110 species which fall within the group the exhaustive text discusses identification sex age voice distribution habitat population habits breeding biology movements geographical variation & habits. There are 36 colour plates by David Quinn & 115 distribution maps 392pp 1995
    Hardback £45.00 Buy Now
  • Harrap's Wild Flowers
    Harrap's Wild Flowers by Simon Harrap

    by Simon Harrap

    This fantastic photographic guide will help you identify almost every wild flower you are likely to encounter in Britain and Ireland. Colourful close-ups of key features and relevant and succinct text make this book an essential tool for anyone interested in wild flowers.

    Paperback £16.99 Buy Now
  • RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds
    RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds by Simon Harrap

    A compact, informative guide to 170 of the most common birds found in Britain. Concise descriptions of each bird's main characteristics including plumage, calls and song, confusing species, habitat, distribution, status and behaviour.

    Paperback £5.99 Buy Now

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