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  • Insects, Plants and Microclimates (Naturalists' Handbook No. 15)
    Insects, Plants and Microclimates… by Sarah A Corbet, David M Unwin

    Describes the study of the species that inhabit the layer of air immediately above the ground surface, where factors such as temperature, humidity and wind speed differ greatly from other layers - this very local climate is called microclimate.

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  • Bumblebees (Naturalists' Handbook No. 6)
    Bumblebees (Naturalists' Handbook No. 6) by Oliver E Prys-Jones, Sarah A Corbet

    This new edition embraces the wealth of information published on all British species (including Bombus hypnorum). Covers life history, ecology, foraging, parasites and conservation in recent years. Includes a new chapter on the very real threats to bumblebees, their crucial role as pollinators of our native flora and crops, ways to promote their survival, and the advantages and problems posed by their commercial use. Colour plates, b/w and colour illustrations, distributuion maps, 130pp. 3rd edition 2011

    Paperback £19.99 Buy Now

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