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  • Islands Beynd the Horizon; The life of twenty of the world's most remote places
    Islands Beynd the Horizon; The life of… by Roger Lovegrove

    Islands have an irresistible attraction and an enduring appeal. Naturalist Roger Lovegrove has visited many. In this book he takes the reader to twenty that fascinate him the most. The range is diverse and spectacular; and whether distant, offshore, inhabited, uninhabited, tropical or polar, each is a unique self-contained habitat with a delicately-balanced ecosystem, and each has its own mystique and ineffable magnetism. Central to each story is also the impact of human settlers.

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  • Silent Fields; The Long Decline of a Nation's Wildlife
    Silent Fields; The Long Decline of a… by Roger Lovegrove

    This book is about the war of attrition against the native mammals and birds of England and Wales from the middle ages to the present. The author has undertaken years of research and presents an accurate and detailed picture of the history of a nation's wildlife and the often devastating impact and extinction that we have forced on our ecology. Species by species accounts, b/w illustrations, 416pp. 2008

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  • Birds in Wales (Poyser Country Avifaunas)
    Birds in Wales (Poyser Country Avifaunas) by Roger Lovegrove et al.

    The first comprehensive guide to bird occurrence, distribution and history in Wales, and a companion volume to the previous Poyser titles Birds in Scotland and Birds in Ireland. Includes individual county records.

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