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  • CARIBOU: Wanderer of the Tundra
    CARIBOU: Wanderer of the Tundra by Robin Walker
    With stunning photographs the author follows the perpetual motion of the caribou gaining distinctive insights as bulls cows and calves in singles and in herds move across the Northern landscape. Text illuminates the life cycle of the caribou and relationships with man are explored particularly the longstanding Native American connections. 80 colour photographs 80pp. 2000
    Paperback £16.50 Buy Now
  • SAVUTI: The Vanishing River
    SAVUTI: The Vanishing River by Robin Walker
    Savuti is in Northern Botswana & is one of Africa's top wildlife spots.This is a highly entertaining & lavishly illustrated book by Clive Walker one of the world's leading conservationists. Col & b/w photos 144pp.1991.
    Hardback £22.95 Info

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