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  • Neotropical Birds of Prey: Biology and Ecology of a Forest Raptor Community
    Neotropical Birds of Prey: Biology and… by David F Whiteacre, Robert Dean

    Covers twenty specific spies in depth, offering thorough synopses of all current knowledge regarding breeding biology and behaviour, diet, habitat use, and spatial needs. Also shows how the populations fit together as a community with overlapping habitat and prey needs that can put them in competition with reptiles and mammalian carnivores as well, yet differ from one another in their nesting or feeding behaviours and population dynamics.

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  • The Wildlife of Costa Rica; A Field Guide
    The Wildlife of Costa Rica; A Field Guide by Fiona A Reid et al.

    Features all the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods that one is likely to see on a trip to Costa Rica's varied environments. Provides details for identifying mammals along with interesting facts about their natural history.

    Hardback £55.50 Buy Now

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