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  • Mammal Detective
    Mammal Detective by Rob Strachan

    Perfect for anyone interested in British wildlife. A walk in the countryside can be transformed into a 'treasure hunt' with all types of fascinating clues to the mammals living in the area. Whose track is it? Whose dropping? Which animal left this tuft of hair? And what did I just glimpse?

    Hardback £10.99 Buy Now
  • OTTER SURVEY OF ENGLAND 1991-1994: A Report on the Decline and Recovery of Its Distribution  Status
    OTTER SURVEY OF ENGLAND 1991-1994: A… by Rob Strachan, Jefferies
    Describes the survey methods used, the overall results and comparison with earlier surveys, followed by the results for individual NRA regions. Spraint density analysis and a very detailed discussion on the survey results conclude the report. Colour front is a piece by Bruce Pearson. Maps, graphs and charts, 223pp. 1996
    Paperback £13.50 Buy Now

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