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  • British Bird Sounds
    British Bird Sounds by Richard Ranft, Ronald Kettle

    Two CDs covering 175 species. 2.5 hrs playing time. Announced plus booklet. 1992

    CD £15.99 Buy Now
  • Bird Mimicry: A Remarkable Collection of Imitations by Birds
    Bird Mimicry: A Remarkable Collection… by Richard Ranft

    Features some of the rarest recordings ever captured - more than 25 tracks of incredible avian imitations. Songbirds and talking birds have the ability to memorise and replicate other sounds and in a few species, this talent for plagiarism produces suprising results. Highlights of the CD include a jay that neighs like a horse and a blackbird that imitates a computer modem. 70mins, CD. 2006

    CD £9.99 Buy Now
  • Vanishing Wildlife: A Sound Guide to Britain's Endangered Species
    Vanishing Wildlife: A Sound Guide to… by Richard Ranft

    Recordings of some of the most elusive birds, mammals, insects and frogs in Britain. Among the 31 species featured are some that have always been scarce, others that have declined in numbers due to changes in habitat and a precious few that have already become extinct. Duration: 73 mins, 2006

    CD £9.99 Buy Now
  • A Sound Guide to Nightjars and Related Nightbirds66% OFF
    A Sound Guide to Nightjars and Related… by Richard Ranft

    Contains the voices of 108 species of Caprimulgids (over 90% of all known species) including many published for the first time. A companion product to Nightjars: A Guide to Nightjars and Related Nightbirds (stock code M15729).

    CD £4.99 RRP: £14.99Buy Now

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