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  • Shallow Seas (New Naturalist)
    Shallow Seas (New Naturalist) by Peter J. Hayward

    Shallow Seas are the most biologically rich and productive areas of the world ocean. This latest New Naturalist volume provides a natural history of this environment and its biological communities. This is not a textbook of marine benthic ecology, nor is it a comprehensive review of the benthic communities of the northwest European shelf seas. Rather, it describes the natural history of some benthic habitats and associations characteristic of our region.

    Paperback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Shallow Seas (Collins New Naturalist)
    Shallow Seas (Collins New Naturalist) by Peter J. Hayward

    Illustration type: Colour photographs, 400pp. 2014



    Hardback £60.00 Buy Now

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