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  • Wild Flowers of the Dorset Coast Path
    Wild Flowers of the Dorset Coast Path by Peter Cramb, Margaret Cramb

    Should help you to identify many of the wild flowers commonly found along the Dorset coast path, as well as some of the rarer flowers. Over 100 species are illustrated in black and white and dewcribed in everyday language. Grouped by habitat to make identification easier. 80pp. 2003

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  • Discovering Dorest's Wild Flowers
    Discovering Dorest's Wild Flowers by Peter Cramb

    Celebrates the richness of Dorset's wild flowers and the men who first recorded them during nearly 500 years of exploration of the county. Illustration type: Colour photographs, 64pp. 2013

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  • Shorter Wild Flower Walks Dorset
    Shorter Wild Flower Walks Dorset by Peter Cramb, Margaret Cramb

    Describes 10 shorter walks for wildflower lovers of all ages. Enables the reader to see over 300 wild flower species in their natural habitats. Colour photographs, list of some of the flowers you may see on the walk, 112pp. 2009

    Paperback £7.95 Info

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