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  • Go Wild With Your Camera: How to Take Stunning Wildlife Images
    Go Wild With Your Camera: How to Take… by Peter Cairns et al.

    by Peter Cairns / Chris Gomersall / Mark Hamblin

    Expert and detailed advice provided to help you take stunning wildlife images either out in the wild or in your own back garden. Practical tips and tricks to creat beautiful wildlife images, sweeping panoramas and cascading rivers. Jargon Buster - understand the essential photographic terms and their meaning. From pixel to print - how to get the most from your captured images.

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  • Tooth & Claw: Living Alongside Britain's Predators
    Tooth & Claw: Living Alongside… by Peter Cairns, Mark Hamblin

    So how do we feel about Britain's predators and how are those feelings influenced by culture, myth and economics? Features insightful interviews, discussions over fox hunting, bird of prey poisoning and even the return of wolves. This title reveals how we really feel about Britain's predators and, intriguingly, why. Colour photographs, 240pp. 2007

    Hardback £25.00 Buy Now
  • Wild Land: Images of Nature from the Cairngorm
    Wild Land: Images of Nature from the… by Mark Hamblin, Peter Cairns

    The diverse habitats in the Cairngorms are home to a variety of wildlife, including Golden Eagle, Osprey, Pine Martin, Red Deer, Red Fox and Mountain Hare. This title captures the spirit of this special part of the world in a series of evocative images. Describes the history and management of each species and takes a look back at the animals of Scotland's past and glances into the future of Scotland's wildlife, making a plea for the importance of nuturing our precious land. Colour photographs, 152pp. 2008 edition

    Paperback £16.99 Info

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