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  • Advanced Bird ID Handbook
    Advanced Bird ID Handbook by Nils van Duivendijk

    Fully updated with additions and amends to the accounts of nearly every species, all recent taxonomic changes and new species in the region are included and more than 20 tables giving side by side comparisons of the features of sets of similar species.

    Paperback £24.99 Buy Now
  • Advanced Bird ID Guide: The Western Palearctic54% OFF
    Advanced Bird ID Guide: The Western… by Nils van Duivendijk

    Accurately describes every key detail of every plumage of all 900 species that have ever occurred in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. There are no photographs or illustrations, but detailed text that lists the key characters of each recognisable plumage, including male, female, immature, and juvenile, all subspecies and all other variations.

    Paperback £6.80 RRP: £14.99Buy Now

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