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  • Collins New Naturalist; Owls
    Collins New Naturalist; Owls by Mike Toms

    The first part of Owls covers various aspects of taxonomy, origins, anatomy, behaviour and ecology and looks across the British owl species, drawing comparisons and highlighting differences. The second part takes each species in turn to provide a more detailed perspective, fleshing out relevant conservation issues, behaviour and status.

    Paperback £35.00 Buy Now
  • Gardening for Birdwatchers
    Gardening for Birdwatchers by Mike Toms et al.

    This important title brings together the expertise of garden designers Ian and Barley Wilson with that of the British Trust for Ornithology to produce the definitive guide for improving your garden for birds and other wildlife. The well-illustrated text, complete with planting plans, gets to grips with the techniques that underpin successful wildlife-gardening.

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now
  • The British Natural History Collection OWLS
    The British Natural History Collection… by Chris Mead, Mike Toms

    Describes these killing machines with their battery of weapons for hunting, as well as their strategies for survival. Reveals all the facts about the five British owls - and some surprising ones about foreign ones. B/w illustrations, 138pp. Updated edition 2011

    Hardback £15.99 Buy Now

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