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  • Pocket Photo Guide Birds of Thailand
    Pocket Photo Guide Birds of Thailand by Michael Webster, Chew Yen Fook

    This little guide to the birds of Thailand is an excellent introduction for birdwatchers, residents and visitors to the country alike. It covers 252 of the birds that are regularly seen in Thailand as well as a number of endemic species, with more than 250 photographs of the birds. Each photograph is accompanied by clear text explaining key identification points, voice, habitat and behaviour. Illustrated with clear colour photography and brief but authoritative descriptions the Pocket Photo Guides highlight the species of birds and animals from each region that the traveller is most likely to see, as well as those that are genuinely endemic (only to be seen in that country or region) or special rarities

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  • Birds of Charnwood
    Birds of Charnwood by Michael Webster

    An introduction to the breeding birds of this Leicestershire woodland with complete information on residents, visitors and passage migrants. Also gives details of 93 species found breeding during the 1992-1994 survey together with an account of the conservation activities taking place. Includes detailed studies of Tawny Owl and Woodcock, 196pp. 1997

    Paperback £9.99 Buy Now

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