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  • Guide to the UK Cetaceans and Seals
    Guide to the UK Cetaceans and Seals by Mark Simmonds

    Many large sea mammals, including whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals, can be seen around the UK's coast. Both their behaviour at sea and their body features, such as the shape of the tail and dorsal fin as they break the water surface, will help you to identify most species.

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  • Whales and Dolphins of the World
    Whales and Dolphins of the World by Mark Simmonds, WDCS

    Cetaceans have captivated and intrigued mankind for centuries, but have also suffered at our hands, with some species near extinction. This is a celebration of their variety, splendour and natural history. It describes what we know of their lives such as feeding, reproduction, communication and social structures and outlines the factors which affect them from hunting to pollution. Colour photographs, 160pp. 2004

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